The role of women, as driving forces, in the economy, cannot be overemphasized, as their economic activities, have contributed positive changes, to the continent.


Start-ups established by women, on the African continent, have been known, to solve economic and structural challenges, ravaging the continent.


It would be a win-win situation, if these women are supported, to drive home more changes that would promote female-driven solutions, in Africa and beyond.


In view of this, the WIA Philanthropy Foundation, instituted the WIA 54 project, for African women entrepreneurs.


Annually, the WIA 54, recognises 54 African women entrepreneurs, from each of the 54 countries, on the continent.



Potential participants would be selected, based on:

  • Having growth potential
  • Scalable business model
  • Team with in-depth execution skills
  • Having the first traction on the market
  • A business, managed by an African woman entrepreneur
  • Service, or, product, must be innovative, with a strong impact
Benefits of the program
  • Invitation to the WIA International Annual Summit, with reimbursement of travel, accommodation expenses
  • Meeting potential investors and top executives, of large organisations
  • Taking part, in high-level networking
  • Access to a 2-day training boot camp, before the actual summit
  • Visibility in prints and web support, through social media and access to the WIA digital platform
  • Regional and Local meetings, of entrepreneurs, all year long, with the WIA Hubs
  • One year mentorship from a big organization
  • Scholarship offering
How to apply

If you are a female entrepreneur, from any African country and with an enterprise that, has satisfied the eligibility factors mentioned above, you can go ahead to apply here. The deadline for application is Saturday, February 14, 2020.

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