Crowdsourcing is the act of collecting information, ideas, opinions, and finance opinions from a group of people to achieve a cumulative result. It looks beyond the internal capacity of an organization.

What are the importance of Crowdsourcing

Improved learning and creativity

In most organizations, crowdsourcing helps management to learn and get more ideas from external bodies so as to improve productivity and results in business. It also gives you the opportunity to select your perceived best result from not just a single talented provider but from multiple options.

Provides solutions to organizational problems

Crowdsourcing brings about conventional thinking. Which profers quick solutions to existing problems. Although one may not agree to this, it has been observed that when experts from outside an organization review a problem, they tend to make suggestions that provide the needed results.

Reduces project management burden

Crowdsourcing helps to reduce the creativity pressure on a project manager. This is because the individual now has access to a lot of ideas and suggestions from which strategic ideas and solutions can be curated from.

Provision of superior content

With the involvement of multiple ideas, experience, mindsets, skills, provision of quality content is the list one would expect. From the provision of quality and comprehensive information to conceptualized designs to the most detailed tasks.

Saves cost

With crowdsourcing, the intended cost of research and labor is minimized as there is a large access to opinions, ideas, and recommendations.

By Gracefield Maxcot

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