The UNOPS Global Innovation Challenge is calling on developers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and programmers to find creative and innovative ideas that will push the progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


UNOPS assists the United Nations and its many collaborators to provide security, peace, development, and humanitarian solutions across the globe.


The solutions required need to demonstrate the effectiveness of technology in building climate resilience and assisting the society in preparing for it, as well as creating adaptation to the many challenges encountered as a result of changes in the climate.


Selected participants would have the opportunity to take part in the UNOPS Global Innovation Centre Incubators.


Data on the climate and natural resources are expected to get captured and analysed with accuracy.


The data analysed would play an essential role in helping to design and create strong systems, infrastructure, and networks.


The solutions to get designed can include


  • Reliable power generation
  • Effective emergency responses to storm
  • Advancing sustainable agriculture
  • Biodiversity protection
  • Improvement of access to safe drinking water
  • And lots more

The submitted solutions are not necessarily meant for commercial purposes as they will get treated by the review team with confidentiality.


Invitation to a boot camp in Kobe, Japan will get extended to top candidates but this depends on travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Selected participants would join the UNOPS Global Innovation Centre Incubators for a year, where they would get assistance to build their respective solutions.


Interested developers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and programmers who want to offer solutions to address SDGs can go ahead to apply here.


The deadline for applications is Friday, July 31, 2020.