Carrying out B2B networking does not mean that, as business owners, we should keep on using the same approach, over and over again. The usual methods remain, to find prospective clients and networking in industry associations, trade shows, and other business events.


These are all great avenues for conventional networking methods, due to having your presence at an event organized by your industry or finding yourself in a local business function. Nevertheless, if you want to increase the chances of your B2B marketing efforts, creativity has to set in.


Below, are some of the unconventional ways you can go about your B2B networking, to secure prospective clients:


Nonprofit Volunteering
Volunteering always comes with its benefits, not because your aim in the initiative is to sell your prospects, but rather, doing what you like to engage with. This affords you the platform to meet new people, who are also open to getting new networks.


Have you considered why many business people love to take part in volunteering, especially, serving on various boards? Getting to put one’s effort to a good cause, is a great way to meet people with similar minds who would appreciate your value and like to get engaged with you on a business level.


Community Activities
The similar way you get yourself involved in nonprofit organizations, taking part in community services.

Just like volunteering at, being involved with community activities – or even attending community activities – can be a great way to expand your network.


For example, if you sign up to volunteer for local art or music festival, you might meet a new circle of people who could potentially become clients.


Coffee Shops is a unique place for B2B networking

In the B2B sales, business owners usually hang around eateries or other such likely places. Are you surprised? Many of them love to be in non-formal environments and in what better way can they do it in a relaxed way, than over a couple of snacks and drinks.


Some eateries are equipped with facilities that can be used for business seminars and other business event meetups.


B2B networking can take place at your Children’s School Events
Have you thought of this before? If not, it would be great for you to explore. Schools host lots of fundraisers and parent/teachers meetings. These are avenues to explore your B2B networking.


If it could be easy for children to make friends easily at school, then, parents should not find it a difficult task in getting potential prospects, when, they meet one another at events that they attend at their children’s schools.


For a business owner, every day has its potential of crossing your path with new opportunities. You must be prepared for both conventional and unconventional opportunities that come your way.