Given the world’s new tech trends, and the effects of the influence of digital transformation, the traditional workplace roles have been changed, creating a huge demand for the need for deepened technical skills.

Most organizations have come to realize the vitality of digital skills for all their employees. For this reason, recruiting agencies now look for individuals that are cross disciplined and have the required hard and soft skills.

It is therefore essential for individuals to equip themselves with the necessary technical skills that will help to improve the quality of their work, so as to stay employable even as the digital landscape continues to evolve.

Here are 5 digital skills that you should acquire

Business data analytics

What is business data analysis?

Business data analysis is the application of specified techniques and procedures so as to perform a continuous investigation concerning current and past business data for the sole purpose of getting insights that will result in improved decision making.

These activities assist business managers in the making of strategic decisions, the achievement of major set goals, and solving of known complex problems through the collection, analysis, and reporting of extremely useful data that is relevant to them, manager’s needs.


What is programming?

Programming is basically the setting up of instructions for a computer so that it can successfully carry out an assigned task.
It is used in the development of apps, websites, and software.

Digital marketing

This is the process of advertising products or services through digital channels like search engines, email, mobile apps, and websites.
Companies in the 21 century, therefore, look for those who are well equipped in the use of these channels so that they can help in the promotion of their businesses.

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IT Project management

This is a digital skill that has to do with the planning, delineating, and organizing of several responsibilities aimed at the successful completion of specifies information technology goals of an organization.

Marketing automation

This is the use of technological tools and software to create and implement rules for respective applications for the successful delivery of repetitive tasks.


By Gracefield Maxcot

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