Techamaka a women@godo initiative in partnership with eSkills4girls visited STC Academy Ojuelegba Surulere on thursday 15th April 2021, to train 50 girls within the ages of 8-18


The training program started at 9:45 with the first set of 16 girls. Temidayo one of the trainers taught the girls scratch and how to create a game using it. Although the training terminologies sounded like jargons at first to the girls but as the lesson proceeded, they were able to answer some questions and follow up with the training.


According to some of the girls, they haven’t heard of scratch and would like to know how to create stories and games using scratch. The girls were peered into teams of two and were encouraged to make sure that their team came out as the best participating girls for the training. This served as motivation for the girls to pay attention during the different sessions.


Gracefield Ujunnaya Maxcot, the program officer, GoDo Hub said” It was amazing seeing the girls so excited and keen to learn Scratch, basic coding, and web development. Most of the girls promised to share the links to the personal websites that they will build on their own”, and with this, we know that sooner than we imagined, a digital inclusive Africa that is void of gender bias in STEM careers will be realized.


At STC Academy Samiat Olajumoke and Obiefo Chinaza were awarded the outstanding girls out of the Five girls that were selected as the best participating students in the different sessions of the training.

According to miss Samiat Olajumoke who shared her thoughts with us” I have seen a lot of applications and websites and I didn’t know how they were developed. They look more like photos that are just pasted on the screen with write-ups. At the beginning of the training, Mr. Temidayo opened a website and showed us its source code.

The source code as confusing as it looked to us was gradually making sense as the training continued. The trainers were patiently willing to take us through the process and so all of our amateur questions were answered. I am glad that I had this opportunity, and I would love this team to visit us for more training.

Now I know how an app/website is developed, I can explain to my friends what a source code is, and most importantly, I can boost to my friends that I Samiat Olajumoke can code“.


The STC Academy school principal Mr. Samuel Olusaanu Matthew reported that the program was in fact very amazing. In his words ” All the students were very happy. Even after the program, some of the students were lost in discussions concerning the new tech trend that has been introduced to them. The students are demanding for more programs like this. They even approached me enquiring if the team will come back for further training sessions.

So I appeal to the eSkills4girls and techamaka team to consider visiting the school again for further training.
I believe that the girl child should be properly equipped.

Given the fact that the world is going digital, the girl child should not be left behind in digital and tech-centered activities.

I support the girl child agitating for her digital rights. I strongly believe that if they have subsequent training the sky will never be their limit but a stepping stone.”

Pastor Thomas Ayobami Abraham the school proprietor who was astonished seeing the level of impact that was being made on the students appreciated Techamaka and eSkills4girls for visiting the school and promised to do what it takes to ensure the sustainability of classes like this for the students.

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