Most people have always preferred working in an organization that has a great pay package and well-structured working hours than working in a startup. This is because there is this impression that has stated that working in a start-up is stressful and too demanding.

Although this is undeniably true, working in a start-up is an experience that one should have a taste of while building their career.
In this article, we will be sharing with you the basic reasons why working for a startup is needful. But first, let’s define what a startup is.

What is a startup?

A startup is a young company that was created recently to impact and proffer solutions to specific needs in society. Most companies that are referred to as startups are in their first 10 years of existence.

Why does one need to work with a startup?

Here’s why you need to work with a startup

Learning of multiple skills

Working in a startup organization stretches you into wearing different hats at the same time. In a startup, your job is not limited to your area of specialization. It cuts across everything that can help to produce the expected results that are needed in the organization.

So, you are expected to fill up and switch between different roles which expose you to different areas and equip you with different other skills that you would possibly never have accessed if you were not stretched. It further exposes your various capabilities that ordinarily wouldn’t be harnessed.

For instance, in some startups, the web developer fills in the space of digital marketer, software engineer, and in some cases content marketer. These roles are quite demanding but they have all been assigned to one individual due to a lack of funds. It is obvious that the company at its early stage might not be able to hire individuals for each role separately.

You get to horn your skills fast due to pressure

One common thing about startups is the pressure to meet the deadline of multiple projects at the same time. Wahoo.
This pressure is of course passed down from the founders to the staff who are expected to put in extra hours, get more efficient and fast in their various areas of assignment and produce the desired result as at when due.

Of course, not everyone would be interested in such a working environment but it’s worth it as handling projects under pressure helps you to evaluate your skill and how efficient you are becoming in it. It will further polish your skill and grow your ability to make decisions.

It helps you to get structured

One of the many things that you will learn while working in a startup is that it will help you to gain structure. You will get to prioritize work and do the most important things first. This will further help you to manage your time well.

You get to directly contribute to the growth of the organization

One of the unique things about startup organizations is that all employees are treated almost the same. Most startups are known to build a strong partnership with all their employees and as such, their employees have a stake in the company’s growth. For this reason, the employees are willing to go the extra mile to see that the organization scales fast.

You get to work in a calm, relaxed, interactive, and casual environment

Working in a startup kind of saves you the stress that comes with formalities. You get to mix up and interact with top minds in the organization without being neglected as either a lower-end staff or the likes. There is so much room for collaboration that even co-founders don’t find it difficult to request the suggestion of their staff in important decisions that they want to make.

Working with a startup is an interesting experience that you should consider having. So when next you see a job opportunity in your career area from a startup company, jump in and give it a trial.


By Gracefield Maxcot

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