Are you new into app development? Many questions would have risen in your mind, over and over again. Let us take a look at some of them.


I have many app ideas. Which one should I pursue?


Having an idea might not just be enough, as most successful entrepreneurs have built their venture via multiple ideas.


Creating an app is similar to trying releasing singles in the music industry. You don’t know which of the singles would, eventually, make it.


I have an app idea, but where do I start?

You start, by putting your idea in black and white, clearly.


You could search the internet for prototyping tools and go-ahead to create a detailed and mock-up of your app.


Once you get a hand on your requirements, you could now search out for a company that can develop it for you.


How do I know whether the customer wants my app?

With your prototype available, you can head to the market, it is unnecessary to wait till you have a complete app.


By building its core feature alone, you could test if customers are ready to buy into your product.


This will give you feedback on knowing what your customers will pay for it.


Should I build a mobile website, or, a native app?

You are in competition with the best of apps, in terms of engagement and visibility as millions of them are on the Android and iOS app stores.


Mobile websites, generally, do not offer a unique user experience, nor do they add as much value to the customer.


Apps are to mobile, what websites are, to desktop computers. The two should not get mixed.


Should we build the app in-house, or, outsource?

It is advisable, when creating the first iteration of your product, to keep the cost low, by outsourcing to app builders, who comprehend your requirements.


What ought to be on your mind, is getting to place the products in your consumer’s hands.


Once you get hold of this and seeing that, there is a demand for your product, then, you can take over the development.


How do I submit it to the Apple App Store, or, Android Market?

You could create a developer account with Google and Apple, through their registration portal. You will be required to pay a certain amount.


Should I offer my application, as free and then, figure out how to make money later?

If you desire to build a business, it is quite important to have a clear strategy for monetization, from the onset.


I’ve built my app. Now what?

Products do not get themselves sold, likewise apps.


You need to take it straight to the customer and make it accessible to them. It is not enough to get traction.


You need to market it for visibility.