The exceptional lifelong evolution of one’s career is the dream of everyone who is doing one thing or the other.

Direct as it may sound, despite the content and talent of an individual, exceptional career growth cannot be achieved maximumly without networking.

Networking plays a pivotal role in career building as you do not know all the important people that will help to guide your career path to success.

You can’t efficiently build anything without getting support from people. One way or the other you will need to interact with the best minds at different levels, to gain knowledge and have clarity.


A lot of people dread networking because they feel that it’s not only time consuming it is also draining. But when one considers the long-term impact one’s network has on his career, they get to believe that it’s time to change their perspective.


Here are ways in which networking is important to your career development

It exposes you

Most at times, getting out of your usual space and connecting with other people tends to reveal your intellectual capacity. This is because the only way to measure how good you are in an industry is when you have communicated with other minds within the same industry.


Increases your intellectual creativity

Usually, when you network with people, it helps you to see and share from their experiences so that your decisions are properly guided.

Makes you noticeable

Premium growth in every sphere of one’s life is usually influenced by the principle of association.

Associating with top-notch professionals in your field helps you to get noticed by other professionals and makes it easier for you to get into their space for support and career growth too


Creates an avenue for you to get new opportunities

Most times, the kind of job opportunities and business deals that you have access to is determined by the people you have in your network. Having the right people in your network gives you access to better rewarding opportunities that will skyrocket your career and take you to better environments.


Helps you to build a long impactful relationship

Relationship is one of the determinants of how far an individual will go in their career pursuit. Having a relationship with the right people will ensure your career success.

Boosts your self-confidence

One of the effects that networking has on an individual is that it helps to massively improve one’s social and communication skills.

To successfully network, you must learn to say the right things in the right ways and at the right time so as to be received into the desired networks.  It has been observed that best networkers are usually great communicators. This is because their orientation about communication has been improved over a long period of time

Ensures constant availability of intellectual assistance

Having a strong network of business professionals gives you an assurance that you will always have someone within your space that will provide the needed advice that you need at every point in time.

Improves your career perspective

Communicating your dreams and ideas to professionals in the field helps you to see things from a different perspective so that you don’t get caught up in a rut.

Gives you access to support from high profiles individuals

Networking with the right people enables you to access a certain level of support from them.

Building a career might cost you to register for expensive professional courses that you might not be able to afford. With support from individuals within your network, it gets easier to raise such funds and proceed in your career journey.

By Gracefield Maxcot

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