Networking tips are guides to help you achieve your networking goals.

Learning the skill of seizing every opportunity for networking in business is one of the leading resources recommended by professionals and coaches for total career and business development.

This is because, within the walls of networking, one can gain access to job leads, business advancements, and several opportunities for personal development.

Here are top networking tips to guide you in building your network

Breakout of yourself

The first guide to excel in networking is to overcome inferiority complex. This networking tip usually sounds informal but it has denied a lot of individuals and entrepreneurs the privilege of reaching out to top professionals in their industry. The thought and fear of being rejected stop them from taking chances.

For you to be able to build your network to that desired standard that you want, you have to be bold at every point.

Take chances and seize opportunities as they come as you don’t know who might have what you are in dire need of.

Leverage all social media platforms

One of the most recommended and popularly used of all networking tips is social media platforms.

Social media platforms have made it easier for young entrepreneurs to reach out to professionals without necessarily meeting them physically.

They get to ask them questions concerning how they made progress in their industry and the challenges they have faced.

You can also seize the opportunity to share some excellent works that you or your organization have done.

Through social media platforms like LinkedIn, job seekers have been able to network themselves into credible organizations. A 2016 report shared by LinkedIn exposed that about 85 percent, of jobs, are gotten via networking.

Attend business networking events

To grow your network, you have to get out of your comfort zone and attend public programs that will not only expose you but will allow you to have access to a gathering of professionals from whom you can reach out and connect.

Research on the topic or industry of the people you want to join their network

When going for a networking event, always prepare and equip yourself with the necessary information concerning the group of people you are looking to connect with. This will help make your conversations with them direct and succinct. Your research will also help you to identify specific areas that they are professionals in so as to enable you to draw knowledge from them.

Stick around the people you know have access to the new people that you are looking to meet

Most times,  people give excuses, pointing out that they do not have the needed people in their network to grow their business. One of the ways to handle this is to first connect with people that you know have access to the new people that you want to meet.

As soon as you have succeeded in that, you will now build a relationship with these new connections and request that they do an introduction. With the right strings properly pulled, you will get the desired individual into your network.

Ask strategic questions and suggestions on how to grow your network

Try as much as possible to ask relevant questions and contributions when you finally get to meet the professionals. This will help them to place a value on you and have a feel of what you will offer when you join their network.

Create an avenue for followup

Getting the opportunity to have a firsthand conversation with top individuals in an event is one thing and having the opportunity to carry on with the conversation afterward is another. The latter is determined by your ability to create a need for further conversation and followup.

By Gracefield Maxcot

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