The MAN Impact Accelerator, calls for applications from mobility start-ups, to apply for its program.
Access to mobility is, the single, most important driver, to alleviating poverty.


The MAN Impact Accelerator is, built to scale social ventures, in transport and logistics, with a considerable impact on society.


The MAN Impact Accelerator, supports social business start-ups in the field of mobility, transport, and logistics, to accelerate their impactful innovations.


Selection Criteria

Social businesses and impactful start-ups, from Europe, Brazil, South Africa, as well as Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania, are eligible to apply and all with a strong logistics, transport, or, mobility, focus with a prototype and preferably early revenues.


Start-ups must have a strong purpose and create, both tangible and measurable impact, beyond financial returns.


Benefits Of The Program


The program offers a range of benefits, from various partners and perspectives


Below is a list of these benefits:

Assets & Services From MAN


  • MAN Staff Mentors with Industry Expertise
  • MAN’s Global Network of Partners
  • MAN’s Supply & Distribution Networks


Assets & Services From YSB


  • Access to Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Prof. Muhammad Yunus
  • Access to the global impact investor community
Assets & Services From Other Partners


  • Access to more than 300 mentors
  • Visits to sites of social entrepreneurs
  • Access to the innovation community


Areas For Consideration

  • IoT, Drones & Aerospace, Data Analytics, Sensors, Last-mile connection & distribution
  • Agriculture, Digital Health & MedTech, Education, Big Data & Smart Data, Wearables
  • Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Chatbots, Internet Automation, Platforms


During the accelerator program, the mentors will help you obtain access, to industry know-how, tech expertise, and start-up methodologies, for rapidly validating your business and impact model.


The MAN Impact Accelerator kicks off in Munich on November 2019. The curriculum that follows, will take you to cities like, Sao Paolo, Lisbon and Johannesburg.


The official closing ceremony in Munich, in June 2020, will mark the end of the program.


Application Deadline

Does your start-up have transport, logistics or mobility componence? Then, the MAN Impact Accelerator is for you. Go ahead to apply here. The deadline for application is Tuesday, October 1, 2019.


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