Mentorship is a service that everyone needs. At every stage of life that we find ourselves in, we will always need people’s guidance and direction. No matter the level of success that one has attained, there are people who have attained way higher than them. And for them to make more progress, they will need to learn from those ahead of them.

Most of the successful entrepreneurs that are leading in the various industries were able to stand out because they had experience men within the industry guiding their decision as they built their businesses.

Many young entrepreneurs have been fooled by their friends who make them believe that they do not have any need for mentors but the truth remains that when their businesses hit the rock they start looking for advice from any available source.

Preventing yourself from making those drastic mistakes can only be achieved through the help of a mentor.

Who is a mentor?

A mentor is an individual who has taken a decision to groom you, support you, positively influence and guide you to ensure that you succeed both in your professional and personal endeavors.

What is mentorship?

Mentorship is a professional relationship that exists between two individuals. The most experienced of them maximumly impacts the other and helps them grow in wisdom, skills, knowledge competencies, and expertise through personal interactions that last over time.

Here are roles that mentorship plays to ensure that the business grows

Mentorship provides you with wisdom for business growth

There is a certain level of knowledge and wisdom that you receive from a mentor that you can’t access in books. Mentors provide you with continuous words of wisdom that have long lasting positive impact on the growth of your business.

They guide you through the growth process

It is said that experience is the best teacher but I bet you not all experiences are worth having when you can receive first hand advice from someone who has had that experience. Some setbacks caused by mistakes in business can be so frustrating and devastating. So why go through such when with the help of someone who has been there you could have avoided it.

They help you to grow your network

Your mentors connect you to those within their network who can in one way or the contribute to your business growth. This new network most times opens new doors of business opportunities, partnerships, sponsorships, donations, and even investments.

They ensure that your business is established and stabilized

Mentors don’t just support you in the starting up of your business. They assist and make sure that the business stabilizes and scales maximumly.

Having seen the outlined roles that mentorship plays in business growth, I’d suggest that you consider getting a mentor today.


By Gracefield Maxcot

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