The ITU Innovation challenge is opening opportunities for changemakers to facilitate digital transformation and get involved in building innovative capabilities.


With the use of knowledge exchange, the result from this is set, to lead to the development of bankable projects that promote sustainability.
10 global winners would be selected, while additional winners may be sponsored.


Global and regional winners in collaboration would develop winning ideas that will get pitched.


Categories Of The Challenge


The digital transformation from the ITU challenge is categorized into 3 segments, as follows:


  • Digital change-maker challenge
  • Ecosystem Best Practice Challenge
  • Smart Communities Challenge


Benefits Of The Challenge

  • Air ticket between applicants country and event centre
  • Free hotel accommodation
  • Mentoring & capacity building
  • Recognition and innovation champion.


Eligibility For The Challenge

  • All participants can be from any nationality
  • All age are welcome, except participants in the Young ICT Leaders Forum, (18-35)
  • You can apply as a team, or, as an individual


Evaluation Criteria


Participants would face a panel of jury for the following:

  • Originality
  • Sustainability
  • Visibility
  • Co- Creation
  • Creativity


Do you have what it takes, to create a digital world? Then, this application is for you. Check here to visit the site.


Deadline for application for ITU Innovation Challenge is Wednesday, July 10, 2019