Kickstart, one of the biggest European innovation platforms, has opened applications, for start-ups, having an interest in making a statement, in the Switzerland market.


Kickstart wants up to 100 entrepreneurs, to enter its three-month program, meant for late-stage start-ups.

Entrepreneurs, from any country, are eligible to apply for this program. Start-ups with successful applications will commence the program, by early September 2020.

Specifically, the programme affords focused attention, on start-ups that integrate technology, into their business structure.

Such start-ups include, Smart City & Technology, FinTech & InsurTech, Food & Retail, HealthTech and EdTech.

Kickstart has confirmed that, for the first time, since its inaugural edition, it will pay special attention to Circular Economy, in the course of the program. Participating start-ups will get to learn about business development, viz-a-viz the Switzerland market.

Kickstart is an annual B2B scale-up program that, connects and creates commercial and pilot projects, in partnership with any of the following Kickstart’s 50 public and corporate sector partners, which include: Credit Suisse, AXA, Lafarge Holcim and Roche.

Selected applicants, that make it to the end of the program, would create innovative partnerships, with top Executive members, from Swiss organisations, foundations, universities and others.


The whole essence, of the partnership, is, to enable the participating start-ups, to solve business challenges, in real life.

Speaking on the merit of the Kickstart incubation program, Katka Letzing, Co-founder, Kickstart said, Switzerland is, a very attractive market, for later-stage start-ups. “We are, regularly, recognised as a world leader, for innovation and our leading organisations have a big appetite, for new technologies and solutions.

“It can be challenging, for aspiring entrants to gain access, to the Swiss market and promising opportunities, for collaboration can be lost. Kickstart, aims to overcome this hurdle, by bridging the gap, between start-ups and organisations, allowing them to tackle real-world solutions and to innovate together”.

The next edition of the programme would be the fifth incubation of Kickstart.

Featured Image: afterschoolafrica