If you have designed an English language learning, or, teaching product that is innovative and functional, for two years running? You are, then, suitable to participate in the British Council ELTons Awards 2020.

The British Council is, looking for the most innovative resource, to teach and learn the English Language, from a diverse global context.

The British council Awards competition is, aiming at:

  • Bridging educational inequality
  • Reflecting on diversity in the English language
  • Promote the inclusion of under-represented groups.

The competition seeks, to award innovators, in the following fields:

  • Excellence in course innovation
  • Innovation in teacher resources
  • Innovation in learner resources
  • Digital innovation
  • Local innovation, (in partnership with Cambridge Assessment English)
Eligibility For The Awards

Applicants, who want to put in for the British Council ELTons Awards, can be from any country and must, also, satisfy these criteria:

  • The English Language must be the second, or, other languages
  • Have diverse ethnicities and nationalities
  • Have quality contents
  • Come from across the regional/rural and urban divide.

The British Council Awards is, also open, to disabled applicants, as well as, products designed, to aid disabled students and teachers.

How To Apply

Are you an educator, surrounded by a low-resource context? Do you belong, to an international organization, or, team?

The British Council will like to hear from you. Go ahead to apply here. The deadline for applications is, Friday, November 8, 2019.

The awards ceremony would take place, in June 2020, after a daunting three-round process, with judges, who would base their selection, on functionality and how innovative the product is.

The ceremony, also, sees the announcement of the British Council Lifetime Achievement Award, for an ELTons professional, who has made a substantial and long-lasting contribution, to the field of English language teaching.

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