Bell Labs, was founded as a result of the passion of extraordinary Scientists and Engineers, who aspire to invent components of our modern information-centric lives.


We can say that Bell Labs’ major objective is to make information technology and communications better. It aims at making the world a better and easier place to live in, through technology.


They originated in several engineering departments, within the American Telephone and Telegraph, (AT&T), Company and the Western Electric Company, the manufacturing organization, for the Bell Labs system.


It puts in an extra effort at making inventions, by creating new laboratories that can help its research.


Bell Labs, is organizing game-changing and impacting ideas, that will transform our philosophies about the way we live, work and communicate, through technology.


The competition is based on the participants, submitting proposals on how to better approach the ICT sector, by a factor of 10.


Eligible Fields


Bell Labs’ game-changing, are open to these fields:


Web applications, cloud services, information theory, computational sciences, cryptography, distributed systems, data privacy, mathematics of networks, modulation schemes, optical systems, or, components, communications systems, network protocols, network architecture, radio frequency design, sustainability, wireless, fixed network technologies, software-defined networks, virtualization technologies, real-time analytics, search algorithm’s, self-optimizing networks and interference systems.


The participants will go through two, (2), stages of the interview. The first phase of the interview requires the candidates to write an essay of about 250 words about the ICT sector. The winners of this phase will be notified by a mail on May 24, 2019.


The final phase involves 10 candidates, who will work with Bell Labs as researchers and help to develop its proposal, worthy of being presented at the Bell Labs judging panel.



The winners for the 2019 Bells Labs prize will receive:

  • The first position will go away with the sum of $100,000
  • The second position will walk away with a sum of $50 000
  • The third position will walk away with a sum of $25000


In addition, to the above, all the three winners will be considered for an opportunity to work with Bell Labs, to further explore their ideas.

Qualification Process

The proposal will be based on three different criteria:

  • How your proposal can affect the desired change
  • How technically structured your proposal is built, such that it talks, not just about the now, but how it can help for future advancements
  • Your proposal should include strategies on how you can build a better profit generating organization and necessary steps to be taken to achieve this


If your essay scales through this stage to the next phase, then, you will be evaluated on how best your proposal can create a desired solution.


The last panel to declare the successful candidates, which will be released on December 4, 2019, will be led by the Bell Labs President, Marcus Weldon and consisting of industry leaders from within Bell Labs, Nokia and other high-tech companies.


Only innovators from Egypt, Nigeria, and South Africa, are eligible to apply for the prize.


The proposal submission deadline is Friday, April 26, 2019.