Linkedin ads has been proven to have helped a lot of businesses to scale. The world has changed a lot and lots of things are no longer as they used to be. One of the things that rapidly changed our world in these modern times was the coming of the internet, and then subsequently, the rise of social media.

A lot of the activities that usually could only be done through the traditional means like person-to-person communication and mass media can now be done through the internet and social media.

Even, much more than what the traditional means could do the internet and social media has done and exceeded. The world is now a global village and there are ways to spread the message of the services that you provide for increased patronage the world over. One such way to do this is by using LinkedIn ads to generate sales.

What Are LinkedIn Ads?

Firstly, LinkedIn is a social media site for career development and professional networking on a global scale. Here, job seekers can post their CVs while employers would normally post available slots or job openings. Also, it is an avenue to market or advertise the various goods and services that you or your organization offers.

LinkedIn ads on the other hand is a marketing which is paid for and grants the person or organization paying for it access to the social networks available in LinkedIn. This is mostly done through ads, sponsored posts and so on. The very aim of using LinkedIn ads as with all adverts, is to increase in popularity (and possibly demand), gain online recognition and to build leads.

How Does Using LinkedIn Ads To Generate Sales Work?

There is no special trick to this, just follow these guidelines:

Build A Strong Profile

As with various aspects of life, the first thing to do is to work on yourself. Well, in this case, your profile page. Create a page that is appealing and worth looking at. Note that LinkedIn being a site for professionals, would always require professional and serious looking people thus, being in a jocular attire or mood will not be impressive.

Again, with it being that you are marketing yourself or products, you have to fill out your professional experiences and qualifications. Also, list out what it is that your company or organization does clearly and unambiguously and what it is that those who patronize or engage your services will definitely gain.


If you have published works or other works that are in line with what you or your organization has to offer, then have them published. If your publication comes regularly then publish them regularly. This helps create your identity on this social media medium. 

Social Engagement

 Another means of using LinkedIn ads to generate sales is to engage on topical issues. Ensure however that you are providing insights on these topics as this helps to build your reputation as someone who is insightful on various issues. These social engagements help give and boost your online presence, increasing the possibility that people and organizations would be interested in getting to know you more.

Optimize Your Page

This involves using various online optimizing tools like inserting keywords and lines that potential clients might use when searching for some of the products or services that you have to offer. Also link those keywords to your page so that when those phrases are clicked, they lead straight to your page.


The aim of every service provider is to have their organization and the services that they provide noised about as this ensures patronage. To do this in an online age especially on a social media sight like LinkedIn requires certain deliberate steps as to your online presence and messaging. Being social media savvy also helps.


By Gracefield Maxcot

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