Humans are relational beings. It is even a popular saying that no one is an island as everyone needs someone for something thus teamwork is inevitable.

This relational aspect of human life starts with the family as it is the nucleus of society and then spreads to the other areas of life.

Again, humans achieve a lot more when they work together. This is the essence of putting together a team especially in a work environment or where there is a goal or target to be met.

The relationship within the team matters as it can make or mar the achievement of the goal.

Thus, the question is; how can teamwork and of course, team growth be promoted in an organization? The following are some tips for achieving this.

Ways to promote teamwork in your Organisation

Take The Lead

It is often said that the bulk stops at leadership and this is true to a large extent. You as a leader should take the lead and be the embodiment of all you hope to see in your organization.

Thus, you want to see teamwork and good inter-staff relationship in your organization? Be an example of good teamwork and good inter-staff relationship in the organization.

Set Targets For Your Team

A common set of objectives usually facilitates teamwork even among individuals who may not necessarily agree among themselves.

This is because humans are naturally competitive (though some are more competitive than others) and no one would like to be a passerby in a team achievement.

However, where there is no target or aim, there is nothing to motivate them to work together. Note also that there should be guidelines on how to pursue the said target.

Let There Be Rewards For Success

Success usually means nothing if there is no sense of reward to an achievement. For this reason, reward your team when they meet a target or make an incredible achievement.

Ensure also that the reward is worth their while so that the aim of the reward would not be countered. A reward serves as motivation to strive to win again and to even do better than the last time.

Let Your Meetings be Team Meetings

This is to say that the meetings should be open for all to contribute and participate in decision-making. This makes the decisions reached in the meetings to be one that the team can proudly say that they reached together.

Also, note that individuals have different temperaments and not all individuals are prone to making their minds be known in such settings. Such ones should be a consideration too.

Promote Team Bonding

Let there be activities that promote team bonding. The specifics of your organization will determine what those activities will be. Also, encourage going for social activities together and having games together etc.

Create Channels Of Communication

This is another important aspect of team building in an organization. Creating channels of communication ensures that there is a means for the team members to air their minds and feelings on a particular matter.

This way, you will be able to know who feels what on a particular issue and helps you resolve conflicts on time. It also shows that you are interested in their feelings and affairs.


A team is as good as its members. The success of your venture depends on how well your team is able to work together. It is your responsibility to bolster your team’s ability to work better because ultimately their success is your success.

By Gracefield Maxcot

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