Pitching in business refers to the act of presenting business ideas and strategies to a third party for them to understand and buy into them.

The sole aim of pitching is to convince the prospective investor to pick interest in the business and be willing to maximumly contribute to its growth.

As nerve-racking as pitching a business idea can be, it is something that most entrepreneurs do to get a prospective investor.

Most times, for you to be able to raise money for your start-up business, you will first need to be skilled in the act of pitching as having a matching killer pitch will help raise money for the top-notch business idea.

Here’s how to make that business pitch a seminal one.

Guidelines for pitching business ideas to investors

Write a convincing and concise project description
Create the problem that your product is intending to profer solution to
Introduce the solution strategies that your business has come up with
Show your market research outcome which should include; TAM, SAM, SOM
Create a business model canvas
Create a map showing your advantage over your competitors
Create a profile for your customers
Make your business road map clear and easy to understand
Introduce your team

Applying these guidelines will enable you to pitch your business ideas and get more investors to pick interest in your business.

By Gracefield Maxcot

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