Communication is the ability to convey information in a clear and understandable manner through the use of mutually understandable signs, symbols, and semiotic conventions.

Ensuring that the speaker’s message is successfully passed to the intended.

Lack of proper communication is the bedrock for misunderstanding in any organization as it is one of the most vital management components both in teamwork and business.

When thoughts and intents are properly passed, the individuals within that system find it easier to carry out their duties.

This is why business management experts believe that for an organization to be fully effective, it should have stipulated techniques and strategies for communicating with both its customers, employees, board members, and stakeholders.

Have you been experiencing a communication break in your organization? Here’s how you can improve the communication flow in your organization.

How to improve Communication Flow in an Organization

Make your organizations’ vision and mission clear

Create Open Dialogue and brainstorming sessions for teams

Encourage Information Sharing between colleagues

Demonstrate empathy

Make information easily accessible

Organize outdoor programs for staff

Express adequate respect for cultural and religious beliefs

Encourage staff to share their opinions during meetings

Endeavor to make feedback clear and precise for staff’s easy understanding

With all these put in place, there will be a much more improved communication flow within your organization.


Gracefield Maxcot