Getting a business idea may not seem a big deal, but searching for investors to sponsor such businesses, may prove tasking. Money is an obvious necessity, in carrying out a business idea regardless of how mind-blowing it is.


Below are some ways that source for funding and  investments:


Through Investment Platforms

This exists either through online or, offline means. The online platform is an easy way to source for investors. Quite a number of efficient online sources for funding from investors include; LinkedIn, Quora, AngelList, etc. Various investors that are ready to support Startup businesses, also exist, however, it is essential that one specifies the area of specialization.


Other platforms that deal, majorly, on the investment of businesses are Tony Elemelu Foundation Program, Omidyar Network, African Women’s Development Fund, Norfund, etc. These organizations offer programs that fund businesses.


Utilizing Mentors

Having mentors in the business field is an added advantage in easing the stress of searching for investors. Mentors are people already successful in their own fields that, you have chosen for further tutelage. They are the right people that know what you ought to do, where you ought to go and certain strategies that you need to be applied, in order to succeed.


Employing the use of Emails

As simple as it may sound, it is possible to reach specific investors, by just sending them an email. The structure, credibility, and professionalism of the email would stimulate accurate responses from the required targets.



Though underrated, getting involved with the blogs of potential investors is another way of getting attention and requesting for funding.

Apart from making reputable posts regarding your need for investors on your blog, getting involved with the blogs of potential investors may pull desired attraction. Because bloggers always view and respond to comments on their blogs, make an upright comment and build from there.


Attending Events

Through networking at events, can enable you to secure serious investors. Research on attendees needs, to be carried out to procure standard presentation for investment purposes. You may not get a big platform, but attending events gives you a chance with potential business investment personnel.


Family and friends

Indeed, using family and friends is risky, but an easy step in sourcing for Startup businesses. Sentiments will always appeal to family and friends, which will result in further investment. Talk to people around your business, portraying its vision and goals.


Searching for business funding and sponsorship for your Startup is often tiresome, but these approaches are excellent tactics of beginning the search.