GSMA Innovation fund, for the digitization of agricultural value chains, opens application for African Agri-tech Startups.


The programme aims to scale a digital solution for agriculture and assist small-scale farmers, in attaining a level of financial inclusion and livelihood.


The priority of the fund targets enterprises, such as Agribusiness and Cooperative Societies, that procure from small-scale holders, having the focus on those living within $2 per day.


A total number of eight grants, amounting to $280,000, is made available in support of the projects.


GSMA, in addition, would, also, provide consultancy services and other kinds of support, to assist in the development of the business plans and implementation.


This will get carried out through business intelligence, market research and user-testing, with the staffs and small-scale holders of agribusiness.


The grants are made available, in two categories for applicants into the program.


The mobile money-driven category and the data-driven category. Applicants to both categories will be assessed, through a two-stage application process.


Submission of a concept note is required, thereafter, applicants whose concept notes get the pass mark of the objectives and eligibility requirements, are shortlisted and invited to develop their business plan.


At the concept note stage, all eligible applicants, irrespective of getting the grant, or, not, would get an invite, to join the GSMA Agri-tech Priority Learning Partners Initiative.


Here, they would gain access to a significant number of resources, events and webinars, on the concept of enterprise solutions


Are you an Agritech Startup? Visit the link here, to apply. The application ends on Wednesday, July 31, 2019.

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