Every time that a keyword is being searched, by a user online, the website is being ranked.


The ranking ensures the visibility of the website and a user can easily access it.


Google keyword ranking, relates to the position a website is listed, in Google, when a user searches that phrase, or, keyword.


Number 1 ranking means that the website is at the top and it is visible and accessible.


Number 11, means that the website is situated, on page 2 of Google, as most search results have 10 listings per page.


Google has vowed to start demoting mobile sites that are not meeting up to standard and also not user-friendly.


According to Yoshikiyo Kato, a software engineer and Pierre Far, a Webmaster Trends Analyst, announced last week Tuesday that, Google will start demoting faulty websites that have not fixed their problems.


If this is initiated, small business owners, with faulty mobile websites, will be having issues in terms of website visibility.


This can contribute to the shutting down of business ventures because, at this present age and time, the online visibility of a business matters a lot.


Once a business website is not visible anymore, the website is as good as dead.


The goal, here, according to Google, is to weed out corrupted and unfavorable mobile websites and to also ensure that, the mobile web remains a great place for all and sundry to explore.


“Google is in the process of readying a speed ranking factor for mobile” – Matt Cutts, Head of Search Spam, Google.

For you to rectify this problem, Google opined that you need to look at this from two angles;


1. Mobile errors in the form of blank screens
2. Faulty redirects, ( Users being redirected to the same mobile sites)

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