The Cartier Women’s Initiative Award opens its 2020 application for female entrepreneurs.


Since its inception in 2006, the Cartier Women’s Initiative has given its support to, over 200 female entrepreneurs, across the world.


Running in its 13 years of existence, the Initiative Award has seen 21 finalists annually, representing 7 regions, (Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and North Africa, East Asia and South Asia and Oceania, North America, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean), get selected, in the first round of the competition.


The successful finalists, from here, are then, called to attend the Initiative Awards Week, for the second stage of the competition.


At this round, the final jury evaluation takes place, which would see the announcement of 7 successful laureates, one per region.


Eligibility for participation


For applicants to be considered for this award, the business must have the following qualities:


  • Led and owned by a female
  • Early-stage
  • Generating revenue


The award, is, also, open to all female, with no age category and nationality.


Benefits of the award


The 21 finalists, representing the top 3 businesses, from each of the 7 regions, will receive:


  • One-to-one, personalized business coaching, prior to the Awards week
  • A series of business coaching workshops and networking sessions, during the Awards week
  • Media visibility for the finalists and their businesses, in the months, leading up to the Awards week and interview opportunities, with local & international press, during the Awards week


Award packages


  • The 7 laureates, (1 from each region), will receive US$ 100 000 in prize money
  • The 14 finalists, (the two runners-up from each region), will receive US$ 30 000 in prize money


All 21 finalists, would get, in addition:

  • A scholarship to attend the six-day INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Executive Education Program, (pending admission to the program, based on eligibility criteria and selection process)
  • Ongoing support, for the further growth and development of their business

Deadline for the Application


If you satisfy all the criteria mentioned above, as a female entrepreneur, go ahead to visit the portal for your submission. Deadline for application is Wednesday, August 14, 2019, by 2:00 pm, (CEST)


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