The first FbStart accelerator program run by Facebook NG-Hub, recently graduated 15 Nigerian Startups with access to further develop their solutions and funds.


The FbStart accelerator is a research and mentorship-driven, 6-month program, for innovative and visionary teams, daring to create solutions with advanced technologies.


The accelerator would provide these teams, with the support they need to build and optimize value-driven products and match them with resources from Facebook and CcHUB.


Below, are the solutions that the 15 graduated Nigerian Startups seek to solve:


Chiniki Guard: Chiniki Guard consists of a control center inference app to stream videos, a mobile app and a dashboard. Chiniki Guard is a human activity recognition service that provides a real-time update by analyzing a video feed.


Cycles: The aim of Cycles is to redefine the way people commute within communities and cities. Using an efficient, fun and healthy means of transport, it intends to build better people, communities and greener earth.


Deepstack: This entails empowering businesses, individuals and research teams around the world, to easily integrate and deploy state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence.


GRICD Agroservices: This is an affordable and efficient IoT – a powered storage device that complements an existing storage medium, to extend the shelf life of tomatoes. This is an AI chatbox for transit directions in Nigeria and in other developing countries.


SayPeace: This is an AI-powered tool, for monitoring hate speeches on social media, in real-time, to predict the possible occurrence of violence.


Insyt: This is sentiment analysis software that provides businesses with a means to improve customer satisfaction, via opinion mining in local languages.


Vetsark: This allows animal healthcare professionals to store and retrieve data on the go to improve their practice and profits.


Smart Electricity: Smart Electricity is researching the use of wireless electricity, to power appliances in homes and offices.


UpNepa: This is an IOT-powered platform, which gives real-time information and history of electricity supply in selected communities and homes across Nigeria.


It detects the current state of power supply, (On/Off), records the last time power was restored, or, disrupted and predicts when next it might be restored, or, disrupted.


Quadron Studios: They are a team of experienced filmmakers and animators, who create content that stirs the soul and steers the mind to brands.


They make things that help clients move markets, compel audiences, sell products, warm hearts and remind the world, of those things that make us human.


Project Move: This is a VR accessory, which significantly improves immersion and interaction in mobile-driven VR systems.


Team Kanji: Kanji Drive is an immersive driving simulator, based in Lagos that teaches users how to drive and be road aware, using a GT racing rig set up.


TrepLabs: This is a non-invasive device that prevents thrombosis, during drip treatment by continuously monitoring flow rate, volume administered and automating the drip treatment process.


Plant Doctor: This is an application that uses AI to diagnose plant diseases and suggest solutions to farmers and Agric extension workers.


Featured Image: Opportunitiesforafricans