According to the demographic study of small business owners, published by Wikipedia in 2016, the median age of American small business owners was above the age of 50.


In Africa, the statistics appeared to be quite close to the figure as businesses are springing up across board.


The rate, at which small businesses are springing up, is very high and Facebook has decided to help small business owners, by launching new marketing tools, targeted at increasing sales, creating more jobs and boosting the visibility of the small businesses.


“With over 90 million small businesses on Facebook, we’re proud to play a role in helping businesses of all sizes grow and create jobs,” said a Facebook official.


Facebook will be launching, three new offerings, according to Nikila Srinivasan, Director of Product Management, at Facebook, which ranges from “Automated Ads”, “Appointments” and “Video Creative Tools”.


Automated Ads: This is split into four steps;

1. Small business can now customize their specific business goal and also use existing images and business pages, to run ads across Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, etc.


2. A series of questions about the business, the goals of the ads and what it sets out to achieve, would be asked and the answers provided, will enable the automated ads to suggest the needed creative details to use.


3. Ad targeting budget recommendations will be offered by Facebook, which is based on the answers provided by the questions asked. Once the Ad is live, the Automated Ads platform will then boost the Ad campaign, which ensures that the Ad performs pretty well.


4. Performance report about the state of the Ad and how far it has gone will be sent to the Advertisers, using the Automated Ads. Recommendations will also be offered, which ensures that the optimal results are attained.



With this tool, customers can now book and schedule appointments.


Once the customer is recognized and accepted by the business, a periodic reminder will kick start and messages will be sent to the customers, via text, messenger, etc.


Video Creative Tools
With different marketing video ads, springing up every second and people’s attention span reduced; you have just a few minutes to show people what you do.


Facebook has pushed three video creative tools and you can choose to use any of the three. Starting from Automatic cropping, video trimming, image and text overlays.