A woman is simply described as an individual with an inestimable value; as such, the rights of women should be given maximum attention.

In history, women have been faced with certain issues that are a product of the stipulated traditional gender roles. These roles have over time defined and also limited the actions, activities, opportunities, and engagements of women in society.

Towards the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, these restrictions started to loosen in many societies which led to the participation of women in major issues that concern their societies.

In recent times, women have gained laudable access to career opportunities beyond being traditional homemakers, and can now pursue higher education. This, however, has not stopped their quest for more recognition, representation, and access to resources that will help them to advance in their endeavors.

In our society today, women have stood up en masse to fight for what they know is right; the rights of women.

Below are some of the Rights of Women
  • Women’s Suffrage
  • Sexual and Reproductive Rights
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Freedom from Gender-Based Violence
  • Freedom from Sexual Violence and Harassment
  • Gender Inequality
  • Intersectional Feminism
  • Workplace Discrimination

This month, we stand to support all women as they #ChoosetoChallenge whatever has violated the rights of women in our societies and environments.

We are also celebrating women all around the world, including our female teams’ members, mentors, and partners. We challenge the gender gap in all spaces, we challenge stereotypes.

We are championing financial independence for all women, and an inclusive world, total obliteration of gender bias and inequality in every sector because a woman should be given the privilege to grow.

Women should be given an equal right to education. Education is one of the greatest game-changers for women and girls around the world. This can be achieved through supporting women empowerment programs, outreaches, and activities.

Education is both an enabler and force multiplier for women’s economic, political, and social empowerment and gender equality.

In light of this month’s celebration, women choose to challenge everyone out there to be a part in fighting for this much sought-after change. The media is one of women’s tools for advocating for change. This is because the media has the power to both reinforce and diminish traditional gender roles and stereotypes.

We need to ensure the total wave-off of news and stories that portray men as protagonists and women as peripheral characters, dependents, victims, or simply leave them out, prolong social and economic inequalities.

On the other hand, news and stories that position women as successful leaders, inspiring thinkers, and independent pioneers, create a culture of empowerment for women and girls and therefore should be promoted so as to create a society where women are viewed as strong influential personalities.

Just to push the fight for the rights of women in our society, people of all ages and walks of life are stepping up in droves. More people are investing time, money, and knowledge to help women learn, even from a young age.

Since our world is changing, it’s only normal that on the list of our priorities is the need to contribute our own quota to the upliftment of each gender, ensuring equality.

To all the women who have been conditioned, consciously or otherwise, to think that they are overreacting, too sensitive or unreasonable when they try to be or demand more, we choose to challenge you to take steps at reshaping your perception, especially in the way you view yourself. Why is this important?

This is because the way you view yourself affects your productivity on all levels.

By Gracefield Maxcot