In just, about two weeks, in the Month of December 2019, fintech start-ups, on the African continent, can apply for the Catapult: Inclusion Africa.

The program is, a fintech bootcamp, coming up from March, 1 2020, to March 8, 2019, in Luxembourg. In its second edition, the program has twelve spots available, for the 1-week training and networking Bootcamp.

The program is, fully funded, by an initiative of the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology, (LHoFT), with sponsorship, from Luxembourg Aid and Development, as well as, PWC.

The bootcamp is, set to promote and pull necessary attention, to the relevance of value, for the role of fintech, in driving the financial inclusion narrative.

The program would achieve this, by media exposure, both locally and internationally, alongside a focus, on having broad attention, on the initiatives that drive positive changes, on the continent.

With more focus, on African fintech start-ups, working on making financial inclusion improvement, on the African continent, the bootcamp is, eager to close the gaps existing, between Europe and Africa.

The program’s scope, would cover a range of topics, including marketing and legal strategy, presentation of a business plan, HR policy, business model mapping and pricing.

Beyond this, the bootcamp will, also, give support, for fintech promotion and for the purpose of financial inclusion, for the finance sector, in Luxembourg, which will include fund managers, microfinance institutions and finance initiatives, operating privately.

Criteria For Selection

Consideration for the bootcamp is, dependent on the following criteria:

  • The start-up must be from pre-seed to Series-A
  • Must have a defined focus, on financial inclusion
  • The solution offered, must be applicable, to Africa directly
  • The solution must have an existing minimum viable product, (MVP)
  • Must have a business validation
  • Have a team that covers vital areas, such as, technology, development, operations and sales
  • Possess a solution that can benefit anyone of the microfinance institution, traditional financial institution, or, private finance initiatives, through partnership
How To Apply

If you satisfy all the requirements stated, then, you can go ahead to apply for the Catapult Inclusion Africa 2020 here. Deadline for application is, Tuesday, December 31, 2019.