AFD Digital Challenge Opens Application for Start-ups

Are you a start-up, research centre, or, Association that, initiates a digital project, promoting the development of sustainable cities in Africa?

The French Development Agency, (AFD), has opened its AFD Digital Challenge, to receive applications, in its fourth edition.

Benefits Of The Challenge

  • A winning prize of €20 000
  • International visibility
  • A tailor-made support program”Acceleration pack”

According to AFD, the 2019 edition, aims at throwing more light, on the digital innovation, that will re-structure African cities, for the future

.Criteria For Consideration

To be eligible for participation, applicants must have innovative solutions that;

  • Stimulates local economic development
  • Improves the relationship between the citizens and local authorities
  • Improves the quality of urban services
  • Urban planning for the most vulnerable

Criteria For Selection

Start-ups would be selected based on:

  • Analysis of their projects
  • Their innovative potential
  • Business model
  • Impact and the importance of the digital element in it.

Timeline Of The Event

  • Selection of the top 30 applications for the deepening phase
  • Selection of the 15 best applications for the final selection phase
  • The nomination of the 10 winners

How To Apply

Innovators from start-ups, research centres, or, associations, looking forward to participating, in the challenge, can apply here. The deadline for application for AFD Digital Challenge is Monday, November 18, 2019.

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Social Entrepreneur? Apply for World Bank Youth Summit 2019

By the year 2030, two-thirds of the world’s population would have inhabited the cities, with a vast number of changes occurring, in the developing countries.

The more the development, the higher the chances of complexities and challenges that, the will be facing.

In view of this, the World Bank Youth Summit 2019 Competition, challenges young entrepreneurs with innovative abilities, to harness the power of smart technology, to drive changes that would impact society, in the face of development.

The World Bank recognises the impact of the young generation, in driving innovative changes and they have invited them, to submit proposals that can build, inclusive and sustainable cities, towards 2030.

The solution provided, from these successful proposals, would address the increasing impact, of pollution and climatic change, affecting the cities.

The aim of the World Bank Youth Summit 2019 award, is to;

  • Promote inclusive economic growth
  • Identify problems in communities
  • Craft innovative solutions for smarter and more resilient cities
  • Stimulate entrepreneurial problem solving
  • Create dialogue on innovative ways to unlock obstacles that have traditionally hindered investment in smart cities.
Eligibility for the award
  • Open to individuals or teams of up to 4 people, aged 18 to 35, (From any part of the world)
  • Prior entrepreneurial experience or business background is, not required
  • Passion for driving innovation
  • All youth that, are professionals, students and academics, NGO leaders, government officials and start-up founders.
How to apply for the award

Are you a young social entrepreneur, with an idea that has the capacity to leverage technology, in building sustainable and inclusive cities, to impact your community and country at large?

The 2019 Youth Summit Competition, is, just right here for you. The award competition runs from Monday, December 2 to Tuesday, December 3, 2019.

The deadline for the application is Tuesday, October 1, 2019. Apply here.

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Meet The Nigerian Start-ups That Won The Johnson & Johnson Innovation Challenge

At the recently concluded World Economic Forum, (WEF), held in Capetown, South Africa, six African start-ups, bagged a shared prize of US$300,000 from the Johnson & Johnson innovation challenge.

These start-ups are, health-based and it appears that they have proven their capacity, in finding solutions, to major health challenges in African communities.

The health start-ups are LifeBank and Crib A’glow, (Nigeria); Uganics and M-Scan, (Uganda); Hope Initiative, (Rwanda); and Dreet, (Botswana)

This article’s focus is, on the two Nigerian health start-ups that, made the cut to the Johnson innovation challenge:


Asides from being a healthcare start-up, LifeBank, also, deploys its technology in the logistics area, to ensure live-saving.

LifeBank believes that no African’s death should come, as a result of inadequate medical products, at the hospitals.

The health start-up is, addressing the blood shortage challenge, through the connection among hospitals, blood banks and blood donors.

This is achieved, by hosting blood drives and getting blood delivered, in not more than an hour. The blood gets delivered, in a WHO and EU Blood Transfusion Safety compliant recommended cold chain.

According to its site, the start-up works around the clock, with hospitals, to find life-saving medical products that are delivered, in the right conditions.

The medical products delivered include blood, blood products, oxygen, as well as, vaccines across African hospitals.

LifeBank introduced the SmartBag, an essential medical product, powered by blockchain technology, to ensure the universal safety of blood.

Another product from LifeBank is, the AirBank, designed to reduce Nigeria’s child mortality rate, caused by limited access to oxygen.

Crib A’glow

“Being the mother of an affected child, I saw these lapses and sought for solutions, by coupling/manufacturing The Crib A’glow solar phototherapy units, for use in health centres and homes”, Virtue Oboro explained.

Oboro is, the innovator of the “Crib A’glow” Phototherapy Unit, of the Tiny Hearts Technology, owing to a sad experience that she had when her son got diagnosed with severe neonatal jaundice.

She founded the health tech company, in 2016 and has since extended her goodwill, to women within the childbearing age, on sensitisation, about childcare.

According to its website, tiny hearts technology, sets to give infants the chance to live and be healthy, as well as, improving access of infants and mothers, to a more affordable and quality lifestyle.

The start-up has its focus, on saving infants, from curable conditions and avoidable deaths, like neonatal jaundice.
Tiny Hearts produces the Crib A’glow Phototherapy Units.

These are, then, distributed to hospitals and health care centres. Phototherapy units are devices, used to treat jaundice, in newborn babies.

Tiny hearts, also, offer hiring services, for the Crib A’glow Units, to health facilities that cannot afford, to buy and for mothers to, also, use at home.

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Mobility Start-up? Apply For MAN Impact Accelerator

The MAN Impact Accelerator, calls for applications from mobility start-ups, to apply for its program.
Access to mobility is, the single, most important driver, to alleviating poverty.


The MAN Impact Accelerator is, built to scale social ventures, in transport and logistics, with a considerable impact on society.


The MAN Impact Accelerator, supports social business start-ups in the field of mobility, transport, and logistics, to accelerate their impactful innovations.


Selection Criteria

Social businesses and impactful start-ups, from Europe, Brazil, South Africa, as well as Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania, are eligible to apply and all with a strong logistics, transport, or, mobility, focus with a prototype and preferably early revenues.


Start-ups must have a strong purpose and create, both tangible and measurable impact, beyond financial returns.


Benefits Of The Program


The program offers a range of benefits, from various partners and perspectives


Below is a list of these benefits:

Assets & Services From MAN


  • MAN Staff Mentors with Industry Expertise
  • MAN’s Global Network of Partners
  • MAN’s Supply & Distribution Networks


Assets & Services From YSB


  • Access to Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Prof. Muhammad Yunus
  • Access to the global impact investor community
Assets & Services From Other Partners


  • Access to more than 300 mentors
  • Visits to sites of social entrepreneurs
  • Access to the innovation community


Areas For Consideration

  • IoT, Drones & Aerospace, Data Analytics, Sensors, Last-mile connection & distribution
  • Agriculture, Digital Health & MedTech, Education, Big Data & Smart Data, Wearables
  • Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Chatbots, Internet Automation, Platforms


During the accelerator program, the mentors will help you obtain access, to industry know-how, tech expertise, and start-up methodologies, for rapidly validating your business and impact model.


The MAN Impact Accelerator kicks off in Munich on November 2019. The curriculum that follows, will take you to cities like, Sao Paolo, Lisbon and Johannesburg.


The official closing ceremony in Munich, in June 2020, will mark the end of the program.


Application Deadline

Does your start-up have transport, logistics or mobility componence? Then, the MAN Impact Accelerator is for you. Go ahead to apply here. The deadline for application is Tuesday, October 1, 2019.


Featured Image:

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Lexus Design Award Opens Application For Creative Talents

Lexus Design Award, calls for application, from young creative talents around the world, to “Design for a Better Tomorrow”.


For the past six years, Lexus Design competition has provided the chance of a lifetime for, up, coming designers, to win the prestigious award, for innovative design excellence, as well as, affording, successful applicants, the opportunity to build their prototype, with world-class mentors and reach unparalleled exposure, by exhibiting, at Milan Design Week.


The “Design for a Better Tomorrow”, aims to become a solution, to overcome challenges, by incorporating, three principles, fundamental to Lexus; “Anticipate. Innovate. Captivate.


The final design would anticipate the needs of the user experience, as well as, benefit society while demonstrating innovation, with fresh, imaginative solutions and captivate their audience.


  • Open to professionals, students and design enthusiasts, around the world.
  • Entrants should be individuals who have reached the age of majority, in their home country.


In the previous edition, the competition spanned across these categories; Industrial Design, Architecture, Technology/Engineering, Interior Design and Fashion Design


Entrants for the 2020 edition could borrow a cue, from this and base their solution on any of the categories listed.


Benefits Of The Award
  • 6 Finalists will be chosen to attend Milan Design Week, where prototypes of their submitted proposals, will be exhibited, at the 2020 Lexus Design Event.
  • At Milan, the 6 Finalists, will present their works to a panel of esteemed judges and one Grand Prix Winner, will be selected.
  • Before exhibiting in Milan, Finalists will be invited to New York City, to participate in a workshop with world-class design professionals, serving as Mentors, to develop their prototypes.
  • There will be continual follow-up, by the Mentors, as the Finalists develop their designs, into physical prototypes. Prototype production costing, up to 3 million JPY, (over $25,000), including tax, will be covered.
  • Finalists will receive Award Certificate and PR assistance, through an Award Press


Who To Apply

If you are eligible for the Lexus Design Award, for the year 2020, then, head to the portal to submit your application. Entry into the competition closes on Monday, October 14, 2019.

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Softcom Highlights Technology for Nigeria to Meet SDGs 2030, Combat Poverty and Drive social inclusion

Softcom, an indigenous technology company and technical partners to the Nigeria Federal Government on the N-Power project, hosted a conference with the theme: Combating Poverty: Role of Technology in driving social change in Africa.


The conference, which held at Softcom’s headquarters in Lagos, sought to advance technological solutions to Nigeria and Africa’s socio-economic development challenges in light of upcoming conversations at WEF on shaping inclusive growth and creating high-quality employment opportunities.


The SDG Agenda 2030 of ending poverty, ensuring equitable quality education, and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all was also referenced.


Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede, Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the President on job creation; Mr Kayode Pitan, Managing Director, Bank of Industry; Mrs. Toyin Adeniji, Executive Director Micro Enterprises, Bank of Industry; Mr Ernest Umakhihe, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Budget and National Planning; Mr. Premier Oiwoh, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc (NIBSS); Dr. Olatunde Adekola, Senior Education Specialist, World Bank Group; Mr Tobias Wolfgarten of German GIZ Operations; and Mrs Hilda Kragha, CEO, Jobberman; were some of the stakeholders present at the event.


The event also featured a panel and open discussion session with outcomes that sought to drive an agenda for inclusion and social change for Africa’s accelerated development with technology as the driving force.


Speaking at the conference, Softcom CEO, Yomi Adedeji, said the 12-year-old company is focused on addressing fundamental development issues tied to Identity, Payment, Data & Learning. He said these four pillars formed the bedrock upon which any development initiative would rest.


“For any development initiative to be successful, we have to first solve the issue of identity. This is because a one-to-all approach at solving development issues will make little impact and limit sustainability. Individuals function within economic clusters or communities. It is important to take cognisance of these peculiarities in designing any intervention programme.”


Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede, SSA to the Government on Job Creation, noted six pillars comprising identity, digital literacy, education, agriculture, financial services and health that would facilitate social inclusion and national development.

He added that strong government participation in policymaking, resource allocation and ecosystem development is required to fast track development in these areas.


Imoukhuede lauded Softcom and other partners on their technical expertise in implementing the N-Power project, describing Softcom’s intervention as the ‘eureka’ that brought government’s objectives to light.


“A traditional method of implementing the program would have limited enrolment and training delivery to under 40,000 participants; however, with the aid of technology, the programme was able to enrol over 500,000 beneficiaries for the graduate and non-graduate programme across the 774 local governments in Nigeria”.


Expressing his delight at the successful implementation of the N-Power project, Imoukhuede stated, “Nigeria now has a transparent, replicable and scalable model that can be adopted across all tiers of government and for all types of development initiatives. N-Power will expand into other connected economic clusters that will ensure sustainability and inclusive growth.”


The critical role technology played in the implementation of the N-Power project from the application stage to selection, training and remuneration processes was emphasised. Softcom CEO, Adedeji said “we designed a platform that guaranteed transparent recruitment, and beneficiary verification, which ensured that no ghost worker existed in the N-Power programme. In addition, the platform enabled effective and seamless multi-stakeholder collaboration.


In his concluding remarks, Adedeji said “In order to lift whole communities out of poverty and ensure inclusive growth, our development must be led by data and planning, not just ideas. We must take advantage of technology to identify and enrol our people into the National identity system so everyone can be known and verified; we must democratize quality education, ensuring equal access for everyone, and aggressively drive financial inclusion to ensure that money and the services associated with it are universally accessible.”


The N-Power Impact Report was also launched at the event. A documented guide for institutions interested in replicating similar socio-economic development initiatives across Africa.

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DOEN Land Restoration Prize: $10,000 Up For Grabs For Start-ups

The DOEN Foundation, in partnership, with Seedstars, has launched the DOEN Land Restoration Prize.


The prize seeks to award start-ups, having the best solution, enabled by technology, for land restoration.


This is coming, on the backdrop, of land degradation and deforestation, facing lands today, in Africa, even, arable lands, are not spared, from this turn of rising population and industrialisation.


In Africa, nearly, two-thirds of the land is, degraded and this hampers economic development.


With Africa’s vast expanse of land, spanning a region of, more than 1.7 billion acres, of forest that, has been degraded, the continent has, a huge opportunity, to implement the largest land restoration.


The potential benefits that, the continent is, set to get, from the restoration, include improved food and water security, biodiversity protection, climate change resilience and economic growth.


African Union has, therefore, set an ambitious target, to restore 100 million hectares of degraded land, by 2030.


The prize challenge aims to seek out environmental, social and financial start-ups, with a focus on land restoration activities.


Criteria For Selection Include;


Start-ups, applying for this challenge, must have:


* Solutions, already tackling a problem, in the land restoration space that, is not older, than 4 years
* Or an existing start-up, less than, 4 years, with zero activity, but sees the opportunity, to adapt their current solution, to the land restoration space
* Solution with the potential, to reach scalability, in low resource areas
* Solution, showing the clear environmental impact
* The solution can show, a clear social impact
* Preferably, ventures that operate and are based in Africa
* Technology start-ups that, can demonstrate a business model, or, technology innovation


Start-ups That Can Apply?


* Solutions that finance the restoration of degraded land, for production and/or, conservation purposes
* Start-ups, using big data and technology, to reverse land degradation
* The technology used, to optimise resource efficiency, reduce impacts, on ecosystems and lower carbon emissions
* Water-Saving, Soil Technologies
* Technologies, focused on improving livelihoods and communities
* Planning, management and education tools, for land restoration
* Agriculture, (with a focus, on precision conservation) and Agro-Forestry
* Clean Energy solutions that, aid in the combat of land degradation
* Responsible Eco-Tourism that, aids in the support, of land restoration


Benefits Of The Challenge


* The top 3 solutions, will be invited, for an all-inclusive trip, to the Seedstars Africa Summit, in Johannesburg, South Africa, on December 5, 2019, for a week-long training program and conference
* The winner, will receive 9 months access, to the Seedstars exclusive investment readiness program
* A $10,000 grant, will be awarded, to the winning solution


How to apply


Start-ups, with eligibility satisfied above, can start the application here. Applications for the DOEN Land Restoration prize challenge, closes on Tuesday, October 15, 2019. The winner of this challenge, will be awarded, 9 months’ access, to the Seedstars Investment Readiness Program and will, also, assess a $10,000 grant.

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4 Trending Tech News From Across the World For Your Consumption

On a daily basis, there are millions of breaking news, filtering out, from every corner of the world and in every second.


One form of breaking news comes out to trump another and this nebulous circle goes on and on.


These breaking news, thereafter, trends for a couple of days and fizzles out, giving room for more breaking news to, also, trend.


Tech news is one of such kinds of news.


Technology is constantly evolving and its advancement, over the years, has been phenomenal.


AI is going off the chart.


Bio-medics research is gaining enormous traction.


Nanotechnology, 3D Printing, Robotics, distributed ledger technology, etc., has witnessed massive improvement.


We have ploughed across, to the world, to give you 4 latest trending tech news, filtering in, from across the world.


Facebook And Its Never-Ending Controversy


As at yesterday, the news flying around is that Facebook has been paying contractors, to transcribe user’s audio chats on Messenger.


Although, Facebook came out to say that, those affected, are the ones that signed for their voice chats, to be transcribed.


The contractors said that they know nothing of how the audio was recorded, or, obtained.


The process has been suspended by Facebook.


Samsung Set To Release Fast Charging Smartphones


The news, making the rounds, is that, Samsung is set to release a smartphone, with the new, technologically, enhanced graphene battery that will be fully charged, in less than 30 minutes, in the year 2020, or, 2021.


Although it has not been confirmed, if the graphene battery will offer a longer battery life span, but based on existing facts, you need to fully charge most smartphones, to use them, for a full day, or, more, (depending on your usage).


Selected Pro MacBook Laptop Banned


The United States of America, airline safety regulators, has banned the Pro Macbook laptop and informed passengers, not to carry the laptop, while travelling, due to fire risk.


This came, as a backdrop, of a statement released by Apple Inc., that batteries of some units of the Pro Macbook laptop have a high tendency for fire risk.


Gokada Suspends Operation For 12 Days


Gokada, a Nigerian bike hailing outfit, has embarked on a temporary suspension of operations, for 12 days, due to what Co-CEO, Fahim Saleh, revealed, as non-usage of GPS and long journey time, due to less usage of the Google Maps.


“It is not easy, criticizing your own company, but, either, I could ignore these issues and move along happily, like everything was fine, or, I could realize that this kind of thing is happening, to our customers, thousands of times over. I am not okay with that” he stressed.


Featured Image: entrepreneueur

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Nigerian Agri-Tech Start-ups Invited To Apply For Wennovation Hub Program

Wennovation Hub has opened up its FCMB Agri-Tech Incubation Program, to assist early-stage Agri-tech start-ups in Nigeria.


The Wennovation Hub program, in partnership with the bank, aims at innovators, developing a tech-based solution that would ensure food security in Nigeria.


This partnership would, also, see that, early-stage entrepreneurs, are guided, to test and validate their ideas, as well as, gather their first set of customers, or, pivot, if need be.


This is achieved, through a combination of financial support, training and guidance. Asides from these, the partnership, also, prepares these start-ups for acceleration.


Applications should focus on these problem statements:
– Input
– Production
– Processing and Storage
– Marketing and Sales


Timeline of the program

Internal sorting and selection of 20 applications will go through the immersion stage, on Monday, August 26, 2019.
An immersion exercise and reporting of the remaining applications, would take place on Monday, September 2, 2019.


On Monday, September 9, 2019, the design thinking approach, to problem-solving and social impact entrepreneurship boot camp and incubation will hold.


Agri-Conference, cum Demo Day, holds on Saturday, September 28, 2019, which is the final day of the event.


This will see, all successful start-ups taken, into a six-month post-boot camp after-care program.


Are you an Agri-tech start-up, at an MVP-stage, with some market validation, then, click here to apply.


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The UNESCO King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize For ICT In Eduaction

The UNESCO, King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize, for the use of ICT in education, is open for application, from potential candidates, with a background in Artificial Intelligence, (AI).


This 2019 edition of the prize award, goes by the theme, “the use of Artificial Intelligence, to innovate education, teaching and learning.”


Artificial Intelligence, coupled with advancements in neuroscience, have the potential, to enhance teaching methodologies and support lifelong learning and personalise learning.


AI, also tends to propel and accelerate the discovery of new delivery modes of education.


In line with Sustainable Development Goal number 4, on education, UNESCO’s partnership aims to explore the effective and ethical use of AI applications, to reduce the barriers in accessing education, while optimizing learning processes, to improve learning outcomes.


In this year’s award, the prize would go to an AI-powered solution, with applications in neuroscience.


Eligibility For The UNESCO King Hamad Prize


Any individual, institution, or, non-governmental organization, (NGO), with an established ongoing project, relevant to the specific theme of the year.


The focus must be on the use AI-powered solutions, to enhance education, improve learning outcomes, or, empower teachers.


Criteria For The Prize Award


The nominated projects/programs, should be ongoing, for at least 6 months and would be considered for meeting the following:


* Be relevant to the specific theme of the year
* Be innovative, specifically, in the application of AI
* Provide evidence for potential replicability and scalability
* Demonstrate measurable positive and sustainable impact, in the lives of the targeted beneficiaries


The Prize For The Winners


Two winners will be selected by the Director-General of UNESCO, based on the recommendations of an international Jury, and each winner will receive a reward of US$25,000 and a diploma, during a ceremony in Paris.


How to apply


Do you have an Artificial Intelligence-driven solution, to enhance education, improve learning outcomes and empower teachers? If yes, then, click this link to create an account, then go ahead to fill this form the portal, for registration, as the deadline for application is Thursday, October 31, 2019.

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