The ‘Tech By Her Accelerator’ Program is, giving support, to blooming female-led tech ventures, for them to be, globally, competitive and sustainable.

The program is, powered by MEST, plus support, from the Tech Entrepreneurship Initiative, ‘Make-IT in Africa’.

The aim of the ‘Tech By Her Accelerator’ program is, to help create a reliable female entrepreneurship community that spans across the whole of the African continent.

The program is, set to achieve this, through the mentoring of female founders and also, creating a network of alumni, among successful participants, in the ‘Tech By Her Accelerator’.

It will, also, address the common challenges encountered, by female tech founders. Ten female tech entrepreneurs will be selected, in the 3-month accelerator, from companies in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

Benefits of participation
  • Integrated training and coaching
  • Access to Africa’s industry leaders and experts
  • Supportive Community of top female entrepreneurs
  • Invitation to the alumni network of successful female entrepreneurs
  • An expansive network of tech experts
  • All-expense paid, two Intensive Boot Camps in Accra, Ghana
  • Virtual coaching and mentoring for 3 months
  • Visibility and media publicity, for selected participants
Eligibility criteria for participants
  • A female founder/co-founder of your organisation, available to participate, fully, in all aspects of the program
  • An early-stage start-up that, has achieved commercialisation and monetisation phase
  • Be technology-based, or, have technology, as the core enabler, of the business
  • Have been operating for at least one, (1), year, before applying for this program, with a live product, or, service on the market
  • Have the business registered, in any of Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. Participants must be African
  • Showing evidence of scalability from its revenue
  • The business model, must be social impact-driven
  • Must be ready, to organize, at least one event, in your community, with support from your local MEST office
  • Be ready, as a founder, to be an ambassador, of the program and of tech entrepreneurship, encouraging and motivating other females, in the entrepreneurial space
How to apply

If you are a female tech founder and have satisfied the criteria mentioned above, you can go ahead to apply here. The deadline for applications is, Friday, March 13, 2020.

Featured Image: Kachwanya