Innovative start-ups are, hereby, invited to apply, for the UNDP Cultiv@te, to tackle global challenges, in the agricultural sector.

This program is a new world innovation initiative, for viable agriculture.

Winners from this initiative will have the eligibility, to participate, in other related programs, in workshops and global conferences, as well as, having a partnership, with country offices of the UNDP.

From the applications, 78 teams, would be selected. They will proceed to round two, after which names, of the successful applicants, will be announced, on Friday, February 14, 2020.

This year’s program is, organised around three main themes, which are:

Rainfed agriculture: Maximising productivity in agriculture, to meet the challenges, caused by climate change.

Livestock farming and aquaculture: Ensuring a safe and sustainable livestock farming and reducing the environmental impact, of current agricultural practices.

Urban agriculture: Leveraging innovative technologies, to re-assess and build a viable food production system, for the urban population.

Participants are expected to solve 13 challenge statements, focused on 13 countries, on the African continent.

In the second round, 78 participating teams, from the initial selection, will be reduced, to 52 that will be announced on Friday, March 13, 2020.

Participating teams would be judged, on five core areas, which are feasibility, innovation, impact, relevancy and clarity.

Benefits of the program
Cultiv@te programme participants will get:
  • International exposure and opportunity, to get cultural intelligence, in an emerging market
  • Will receive mentoring, from seasoned corporate and technology leaders, as well as, engagement, with influential policy and decision-makers
  • Access to a specially, curated group of more than 25 solution clients and potential investors.
  • In the race to win the prize money, which is, yet to be announced, as well as, thematic awards
How to apply

If you satisfy all the necessary criteria, go ahead to begin your application process here. The deadline for applications is, Friday, February 14, 2020.

Featured Image: agorize