African entrepreneurs, with innovative solutions, that can foster the growth of sustainable cities, can apply for the program and should be ready, to present their innovations, at the “Challenge des 1000”, during the Africa-France 2020 Summit.

The launch of the “Challenge des 1000”, or the Challenge of 1000 by France, invites up to a thousand entrepreneurs, on the continent, with their solutions, to be presented, at the Cité des Solutions.
This location is, an exhibition dedicated, to solutions that can foster sustainable cities. The Africa-France Summit would take place, in Bordeaux, from June 4, 2020, to June 6, 2020.

Criteria for selection for the challenge of 1000 include:

  • Registration on the Digital Africa platform
  • An African entrepreneur, having activities, related to any one of the 7 districts of the Cité des Solutions
  • Having a balance of themes, across the 7 districts
  • Having a gender parity, of the 1000 entrepreneurs
  • Origin of the entrepreneurs must strike a geographical balance
  • The innovative solution must be at a lower cost, with a strong impact

The City of Solutions, to be created, must show the following, as part of its features:

  • Develop and beautify the city
  • Financing and structuring projects
  • Feeding the cities
  • Getting around the city / visiting the city
  • Living in the city
  • Access to essential services
  • Connect the city
How to apply

If, you are an African entrepreneur, then, go ahead, to apply here for the Challenge of 1000. The deadline for application is Friday, January 3, 2020.