Supporting The Start-up Ecosystem

GoDo Hub is an innovation hub that, sets to play a leadership role, in re-designing the entrepreneurial ecosystem, by encouraging a collaborative community of ESOs,  creative innovators, and young entrepreneurs, to build minds, ready to solve the nation’s and continent’s problems. 

Our headquarters is situated, at the capital city of Lagos and the ambience of the environment, encourages fast learning, creative design and an entrepreneurship mindset.

Our vision is, to establish a digital innovation ecosystem, where collaboration, provides the enabling fuel, for groundbreaking digital and technological advancement, while tapping into local talent, support entities, and international partnerships.
Our mission is, to, continually, fuel support and grow an entrepreneurial community that supports aspiring entrepreneurs, to start and scale enterprises that provide solutions and contributes to Africa’s growth, development, and sustainability.

About Us

Our Team

Our secretariat staff sits at our headquarters in Lagos and in addition, we have a team of experts and advisors across the continent who work dedicatedly to make our mission a reality. Our success results from teamwork and building upon our technical expertise and creative style providing a full-service solution to our clients.