The truth still remains that every individual has something unique within their inner self, a reason the harnessing of that uniqueness is what creativity centers around.

While some people are believed to be natural-born creatives, many others have to apply conscientious efforts overtime to hone theirs.

As the popular saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”, it, therefore, means that one only gets better at a certain feat and remains that way by constant attempts at practicing.

With that said, how then can you unleash this awesome potential to the world?

First of all, it is important to search inwards and try to identify those creative spots that can get your juices flowing.

Once found, the next thing is to get at it regularly in order for you to exercise and flex those creative muscles so that it can enable you to showcase the creativity that within you.

Asides from enjoying a sense of fulfillment, there are other benefits herein when you engage in a creative process such as stress reduction,  high problem-solving ability among others.

Here are 8 practical steps that can help unleash your inner creative genius

These steps are in the realm of physical and mental activities.

Engaging in them will have you flowing with innovation and creative ideas quickly.

Be Observant

This mental process is very essential to survival, as an observant person is always quick to notice changes within their immediate environment, be it positive or negative.

For creativity, observation is very effective when you notice the smallest of details within your surroundings for improving or challenging the existing status quo.

Understandably though, this process might be quite overwhelming as the mind most times gets flooded with large amounts of information.

Therefore it is mandatory to carry out deliberate analysis and sorting of data to solve problems within a particular niche.

Explore Other Places

Creatives are quite adventurous. They thrive in new places as much as they explore new places and experiences.

Getting out of your shell might be just what you need to reassess your direction as well as add more spice to your creativity.

That said, it is essential to get out of your comfort zone in order for you to discover what lies out there and how your ideas can fit in.

Equally important is creating an atmosphere best conducive for creativity. This could be at your home or the workspace.

Exercise Regularly

The importance of regular exercise cannot get overemphasized. Apart from strengthening the muscles and limbs, it increases brain function and boosts creative performances.

Jogging, walking or running are forms of exercise that could unlock nuggets of innovative thoughts buried within your subconscious.

So next time you want to jog or go for a walk, having a notepad handy to put down ideas that strike your memory will really go a long way

Be Hyper-Inquisitive

‘Curiosity kills the cat’ is an expression people use time and time again to discourage attempts of having more insights or knowledge than deemed necessary.

It is a mode of thinking that stifles creativity no matter how ingenious a person is.

Thus, you have to shed that line of reasoning and be more than curious. In fact, what you need to be is hyper-vigilant

Although creativity thrives on curiosity, baseless assumptions should not get entertained, this is where research comes in.

In effect, the more knowledge you have, the more it molds your thinking and opens your mind to possibilities that haven’t been delved into.

Brainstorm Without Limit

To unleash your inner creative prowess, you must not settle for less. You simply need to deviate from what gets considered as the norm by societal standards.

You might need to embrace the foreign, the weird,  and the impossible as these do bag potentials, to sum up as unique.

This way you liberate yourself from self-doubts, criticisms, and narrow-mindedness, and how do you do that? by brainstorming.

Brainstorming is not some mindless exercise or a futile one. Though it’s that state of mind where you believe that anything is possible, however, it has a practical side.

After brainstorming on loads of ideas, the sifting process comes in where you weed out impractical thoughts and focus on the primary goal at hand.

Practice Actual Creating

Creativity is a lifelong skill that gets improved upon, honed, and fine-tuned to the best extent possible.

To buttress this point, Behaviorism- a psychological theory on learning and development, supports the notion that one can only get better at a thing when you do it to the point that it becomes second nature.

In other words, “you learn by doing.”

Practice your craft be it writing, drawing, painting, inventing, and relentlessly push yourself beyond your boundaries.

At this point, avoid the temptation to second-guess yourself or quit at every interval.

Always remember that the most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Develop a Creative Portfolio

Doing a good job of building a creative portfolio requires a deeper reflection of your innermost person.

You identify things, objects, or activities that motivate and inspire you to achieve amazing feats.

Your interests may be reading for which you’ll need a collection of books or blogs.

Playing games such as chess, scrabble, puzzle, or simply doing yoga, or writing, scribbling, meditating, or cooking, the list is endless as nothing is too common, juvenile, or bizarre when it comes to getting your creative juices flowing.

Be Yourself

Shakespeare once said, “To thine own self, be true. What this simply encourages is that you discover, refine, and most importantly, stay true to yourself”.

As much as you desire to be someone else, what you should aspire to be is the best version of yourself. That in itself is creativity.

Why not apply these practical steps today to enable you to reap the fruits of your creativity that are within you?.