It is disheartening to see an eCommerce website that attracts much traffic but is not able to recover its investment because a lot of customers hardly complete their orders. According to the Baymard Institute report, the average level of cart abandonment from 2012 -2019 flutter around 70% making “the improvement of eCommerce checkout flow” the standout ring tone in the mind of most eCommerce company owners.

The goal of every business is to make a profit but this goal will never be maximally achieved if most of your customers keep pausing at a particular spot (the check out point). What does this say? It simply suggests that the purchase process needs to be improved.

A lot of solutions have been suggested but in this article, we have shared the top 7 ways to improve your eCommerce checkout flow so as to get your target revenue. Check them out.

Make the purchase sequence simple

Nobody goes through a rough process except they are looking out for gold. If your product is not gold then consider making the purchase process simple. If your checkout process is simple and easy to handle your customers are likely to complete their purchase.


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Improve the loading speed

After running several promotional ads to create awareness for your products, lots of people click your website link to purchase these products, and how your website treats them goes a long way in influencing their decisions.

Customers are testy and you don’t want to irritate them with a millisecond delay in loading.

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According to hostingManual’s estimate, over 50% of users leave a page that takes long to load and the unfortunate thing is that they leave never to return. A website’s loading speed is one of the things that google takes into consideration when ranking a site as they do not want to refer their customers to websites that have a pretty slow load time.

So if you are looking forward to having your website visitors complete their purchase before leaving your website then consider optimizing your site’s loading speed.

Don’t make registration mandatory

A lot of customers get burned out going through the registration process that is set up on some websites and before they get to the checkout point they lose interest. Instead of making them go through the long process, request for only necessary details that you will need to process and deliver their order Eg. their email address. You can proceed with your other requests after their order has been confirmed.

Remove additional fees at checkout

Most times, what propels a customer to add a product to their cart is the price of the product. And it is disheartening for them to get to the checkout point and meet additional fees staring at them. This either makes them leave with a feeling of betrayal or at the very least delays their completion of the purchase.

Either way, it is not a great customer experience feedback. So, one of the first things to focus on when improving your eCommerce checkout flow is ensuring that extra charges(if any) are indicated as soon as the products are added to the chart.

Send checkout abandonment emails

Checkout abandonment can be a result of a lot of things including an unintended distraction. One can get distracted while placing an order and a kind reminder will go a long way to help them complete their purchase.

Although this may not always be the case, you can send out emails to customers who did not complete their purchase tactically convincing them to return and get done with it.

Offer trust badges

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Customers want to feel safe when releasing their data on your website and you know that such trust is not freely given, it is earned. To this end, you have to constantly remind your customers that their data is safe with you and that you won’t spam them.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by offering trust badges on your site. This helps your customers to trust you, and release their details reassured that you follow best practices as it regards the handling of customers’ personal and financial data.


Include an auto-save feature for your cart

Imagine clicking a checkout abandonment email only to find out that your cart is empty and you have to go through the catalog to add items again. Just the thought of going through the process again is enough to discourage a customer from proceeding with their abandoned purchase.

To avoid this, it is best to set up an auto-save feature using the customer’s email address so that they can easily proceed with their purchase from where they previously stopped.

Improving your ecommerce checkout flow is an overlooked process that has cost-leading ecommerce companies both their revenue and customers. Although there are no fixed ways to improve an ecommerce checkout flow, applying the aforementioned guides will reveal certain lapses that exist on your website. From there, you can spot out necessary areas to make adjustments and make purchases easy for your customers which in turn increases your revenue within a short time.


By Gracefield Maxcot

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