In other to stand out, build customer loyalty, increase customer satisfaction, get referrals and recommendations in your competitive industry, you must dare to achieve and ensure an excellent customer service experience for both your loyal customers and prospective ones.

Here are customer service tips that will help you win new customers and keep them

Have a quality product

Ensuring that the products and services that you deliver as an organization are top quality is one way of attracting customers and keeping them. Everyone wants to use a product that does what it says it will do.

When customers use your product and are satisfied with the results, they will most likely return to do more business with you and even refer your products to their friends.

Have a good knowledge about the product

As a good customer service agent, you must have not less than 90% details and update concerning your organizations’ products and services. This will help equip you to answer all tactical questions that your customer and visitors may have concerning the product.

No customer wants an undetailed answer to their questions. They want satisfactory answers that will guide them through the usage of the product being purchased.

Have you ever visited a pharmacy to get prescribed drugs and as soon as you received the drugs you start asking questions like; how many days am I meant to take this?, Must I eat before taking these medications, when should I expect to see changes? Are there possible sided effects that I might experience while using this product?

As a customer service agent, if you don’t have detailed answers to these questions, you might leave your customer confused and not satisfied.

Having a great product knowledge will boost your confidence and get you set to answer their questions, attend to their needs, proffer necessary guidelines that will yield the adequate solution to their needs.

Have a listening ear

One of the great skills that every customer service agent must acquire is a listening ear. Properly listening to the customer enables you to evaluate their needs so as to make necessary advice and suggestions on which of your products( that they may not know about) will serve them best.

They will honestly appreciate your concern, knowledge, and expertise that has just helped to resolve their problems and proffer solutions to their need.

Always put yourself in your customers’ shoe

Treat all customers with respect. This is an instruction that one must daily obey as a customer care agent. Try as much as possible to be nice and kind to your customers as you do not know what emotional issues that they might be dealing with at the moment.

I remember sometime back, I visited a store to get a product that a friend needed urgently. Due to my friend’s state, I was tensed up. On getting to the store, I mispronounced the name of the product and the customer service agent gave me a funny look.

I felt embarrassed. Another customer how knew the product quietly whispered the name and correct pronunciation of the product to me. At first, I didn’t know why the lady in front gave me the funny look. It was at this point that I understood that she was laughing at my ignorance.

I felt bad and decided not to visit that store again.
Whether she likes it or not they have lost a customer and if that’s the way she treats other customers, she might end up losing all her customers.

So, it is expected that you always have your customer‘s emotion in mind when acting and reacting, because it may pass the wrong message to them.

Furthermore, be careful what kind of discussions you engage in when a customer is around. Make sure that you are not running down another customer as your customers will think that you will speak the same way about them when they leave.

Ensure you give each customer adequate attention

Daily commit to giving quality service to customers. Be proactive when dealing with customers. No matter how busy or occupied you are, giving your customers adequate attention is your priority.

Even if you are on a business call, constantly reassure them that you will attend to them shortly. This is way better than just letting them stare at you while you make your calls.

Always ensure that your customer’s package is in order

Try as much as possible to ensure that your product is properly arranged and packaged for the customers before they leave. Because you can’t tell the kind of environment they might be working into and who needs such product or service there.

A close friend once said to me that she usually buys a product because of the way it has been packaged.
When your products are well packaged for customers, onlookers and visitors admire such and will want to patronize you. After all who doesn’t want a good thing.

Follow Up

Most organizations need to set up in this area. Getting a customer to buy your product is not the end of the game. Show concern by following them up and see how your product is working out.

They will really appreciate it. And most times, they will have one question or the other to ask. Giving them this maximum attention makes them feel special and quickly turns them into loyal customers.

By Gracefield Maxcot

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