When setting up a business, the entrepreneur sets a growth target which he expects to meet at a particular time. When these expectations are not met within a period of time the business folds up.

Knowing the reasons why businesses fail will enable you as an entrepreneur to know the necessary steps to take to avoid treading on the same path they took that resulted in business failure.

Below are the top 7 reasons why businesses fail

Poor Leadership

When a business has an inexperienced person as its leader, it negatively affects/hurts the bottom line of the organization. From its decision making to the strategies that it sets up and even in the way the strategies are carried out.

Insufficient capital

Insufficient business capital is the major challenge that most startup businesses face. And as such, they seek for grants, investors, and accelerators that will help them to scale their business.
Failure to find one will make it difficult for the organization to carry out its necessary activities and as such closedown.

Poor business planning and lack of focus

Many entrepreneurs have failed to see the need for having a business plan. They just carry out activities randomly without focus and this will affect the productivity level of the organization.
One of the major importance of business planning is that it helps you to squarely focus on strategies with which to address your problems. This enables you not to be distracted. It forces you to get direct and realistic with your challenges, numbers, and short-term goals. it further helps you to prioritize your agendas, organize your resources so as to minimize overspending and business loss.

Inability to Understand target market and customer behavior

The ability of business owners to know their target market and how to speedily reach them is a powerful strategy that every business owner employs.
Surveying your customers and target market will help you know what their needs and motivations are so as to enable you to improve for proper customer satisfaction.

Mismanagement of Inventory

The poor management of inventory in most businesses has led to its early wrap up.
This is because inventory mismanagement makes it unable for a business owner to have accurate information about the number of products/ stock available which will cause a delay in restocking, resulting in the inability to meet customers’ orders as at when due.

Wrong location

The location of an organization contributes a lot to how people perceive it.
Using the right location for your business help to attract a large customer base to it.
Running your business in the wrong location will portray a wrong image of your brand thereby minimizing the number of customers that reach out for your products and services.

Not Adapting to change

Industries at every put in time make advancements but in production and delivery.
When business owners refuse to adjust to the trending methods of doing things within that industry, they end up losing their customers who are up to date in industry trends.

By Gracefield Maxcot

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