Traction is the measurable presence and productivity level of your business which serves as tangible proof to a potential investor that your business is worth investing into.

Business traction refers to the progress of a start-up company and the momentum it gains as the business grows. There is no way to measure traction; however, companies usually rely on customer response and revenue as indicators of their success.

Having launched your product and you are ready to start getting customers. Here’s how you can create traction for your business.

To get the traction you need to have a great product

Presenting an amazing product to your audience or industry is the first step to getting traction for your business. You might succeed in other areas but if you make the mistake of presenting an inferior product, your efforts will crash at some point.

Outstandingly brand your product

Make sure that the logo, voice and tone, website design, and social media presence of your product bring the experience that your customers want to be delivered to them.

Collaborate/partner with leading figures within your industry

In every industry, there are always people that are leading. Try collaborating with them to run programs and activities. This will help to boost your recognition within the industry and also earn you a level of trust from both your audience and potential customers.

Do things that don’t scale

Doing things that don’t scale are those primary things that you do to manually push your business instead of waiting for it to take off.
This you can achieve through sending out cold emails, hosting events that will give you more access to your users, reaching out to the press, hiring the best available team, run a user testing with top influencers, share items that talk about your programs, and activities eg stickers.

Reach out to social community influencers

To get a certain level of traction, you to reach out to top influencers within your community, get them to talk positively about your product and services in public areas. They can go as far as writing a review or testimonial. You can also convince leading media agencies to feature your products on their blogs.

Track your marketing performance

Tracking your marketing performance helps you to recognise your marketing weaknesses so as to work on them for better results. Carrying out qualitative and detailed customer analytics will help you to dive deeper into the wants and needs of your customers.
It is also important to know who your visitors are, how long they spend on your site, and their activities on your site.

Create and promote your original contents

Try to promote the original contents that are on your website or blog to the broadest possible audience.
This will help create brand awareness and traffic on your website which will cause you to get picked up by search engines.

Have a defined Goal

Explicitly defining your goal will help you to track your small achievable goals and help you to remain focused on achieving the other goals that will bring recognition to your brand.

Create a lead generating site

To help get traction for your business, you need to have a business website. Having a website that has all the needed information for your visitors is an essential need for your brand. Some of these pieces of information include: highlighting the numerous benefits of using your product. This will serve as a direct way of stimulating the interest of your audience of what to expect when using your product.


By applying the above tips, you can grow your business traction to your desired standard.