Business Culture is a random term that most entrepreneurs have come across. It is said that two heads are better than one and in most circumstances, this statement has proven to be true. The basic rationale behind this statement is that, whatever an individual can do, be it as it concerns physical efforts, brainpower, time, logistics, and planning, two individuals will do it better.

While this statement is generally accepted as true, many might not feel that it is applicable in certain areas of life. For others, while in theory, they agree with this concept, they fail to understand the depth of what it really entails, they confuse it with having good camaraderie with their fellow workers.

The following are the reasons why a business organization should have a team-oriented business culture; they are:

Improved Productivity

An effective team usually is a very productive team. This means that for the organization, meeting its various goals and targets will not be a huge challenge as the team is already an effective unit.

Better Synergy

People are unique and many a time, have diverse abilities thus, in a business environment, you are likely to see people with different skill sets. This can be a blessing or a curse depending on how it is all managed. If teamwork is bred and encouraged in the individuals involved, it will definitely lead to improved synergy within the team and this would ultimately lead to improved results.

Increased Innovation

In an environment where there is synergy and cohesion within its workers, the innovative ability of the team will usually be unleashed. This is because the members of the team are open-minded and receptive to ideas. Secondly, as ideas come up, they are properly considered (brainstorming) and in most cases would even become better fine-tuned as minds are rubbed together. This usually results in higher thought and innovative activities and concepts that the organization will end up benefiting from.

Various Perspectives Are Gained

As earlier stated, each human being is unique and in a well-managed team, this individual uniqueness can be an added advantage. This is because, on certain occasions, each individual that makes up the team might have a different perspective on an issue or challenge. This gives the team members the opportunity to examine the different perspectives on the issue and in so doing, they broaden their scope and strategies on how to face the challenge.

It Helps Build Individual Self Esteem

One of the benefits of having a team oriented business organization is the fact that the self-esteem of the individual members of the team is built up. It is important to know that some individuals are less outgoing while some are more dominant than others. In an environment where teamwork is encouraged, the more reclusive types tend to start coming out of their shells when they see that their contributions are appreciated. This boosts their self-confidence and who knows, these types usually end up showing their hidden genius.


Builds Deep Bonds Among The Team Members

Human beings are social creatures and inevitably, in every gathering of people, some form of bonding occurs. In a well-functioning team, these bonds are deepened as moments are shared between the individual members of the team, trust is built, and even in many cases, life-long friendships too.


The aim of every business organization is to be successful by being profitable. If this is not achieved, the business is probably suffering a loss and might, if not remedied, go down.

One sure way of running a successful organization is by having an efficient team that helps you to run it. however, team play, cohesion, and spirit has to be nurtured in other to have a successful team


By Gracefield Maxcot

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