The first-ever African Drone Business challenge was, recently, launched by the African Drone Forum, (ADF), with a £40,000 cash prize for the winner.


With not less than 1000 delegates expected at the Kigali Convention Centre, where the event will take place in February 2020, the selected participants, will have the opportunity, to pitch about their businesses, at the African Drone exhibition.


By early January, selected finalists would receive notifications, about their participation, in the final pitch.


Ten finalists would be selected, to receive training, mentoring and getting to pitch, to an array of leaders, in the entrepreneurial and investment space.


The African Drone Forum consists of three segments, which are the expo, symposium and the Lake Kivu Flying Competitions.


The event will, also, offers networking opportunities, to participants, coming from the telecoms, banking, technology space and start-ups, across the continent.


The ADF had earlier said that the challenge was created, to encourage entrepreneurs, on the African continent, to explore new challenges and opportunities faced, in connection with rural connectivity, delivery system and artificial intelligence, used for image analysis.


Jean-Christophe Zufferey, Co-founder of senseFly said, “Tech is there, but use cases, beyond medical product delivery, are the missing piece,”. “We should spend more time, analysing existing supply chains, to see where and how drones make sense”, he concluded.


Eligibility For Participation

To submit a business plan, to the ADF challenge, you must:

  • Be a citizen of a country in Africa, (you can be in diaspora)
  • Business model must be executable, on the continent
  • Individual entrepreneurs, or, a team, with a drone service application
  • Participants must not, necessarily, be drone companies
  • Solutions should demonstrate socio-economic values
How To Apply


Entrants, seeking to apply for the ADF business challenge and have satisfied the requirements, can go ahead to apply here.


The deadline for applications is Monday, December 9, 2019.