On a daily basis, there are millions of breaking news, filtering out, from every corner of the world and in every second.


One form of breaking news comes out to trump another and this nebulous circle goes on and on.


These breaking news, thereafter, trends for a couple of days and fizzles out, giving room for more breaking news to, also, trend.


Tech news is one of such kinds of news.


Technology is constantly evolving and its advancement, over the years, has been phenomenal.


AI is going off the chart.


Bio-medics research is gaining enormous traction.


Nanotechnology, 3D Printing, Robotics, distributed ledger technology, etc., has witnessed massive improvement.


We have ploughed across, to the world, to give you 4 latest trending tech news, filtering in, from across the world.


Facebook And Its Never-Ending Controversy


As at yesterday, the news flying around is that Facebook has been paying contractors, to transcribe user’s audio chats on Messenger.


Although, Facebook came out to say that, those affected, are the ones that signed for their voice chats, to be transcribed.


The contractors said that they know nothing of how the audio was recorded, or, obtained.


The process has been suspended by Facebook.


Samsung Set To Release Fast Charging Smartphones


The news, making the rounds, is that, Samsung is set to release a smartphone, with the new, technologically, enhanced graphene battery that will be fully charged, in less than 30 minutes, in the year 2020, or, 2021.


Although it has not been confirmed, if the graphene battery will offer a longer battery life span, but based on existing facts, you need to fully charge most smartphones, to use them, for a full day, or, more, (depending on your usage).


Selected Pro MacBook Laptop Banned


The United States of America, airline safety regulators, has banned the Pro Macbook laptop and informed passengers, not to carry the laptop, while travelling, due to fire risk.


This came, as a backdrop, of a statement released by Apple Inc., that batteries of some units of the Pro Macbook laptop have a high tendency for fire risk.


Gokada Suspends Operation For 12 Days


Gokada, a Nigerian bike hailing outfit, has embarked on a temporary suspension of operations, for 12 days, due to what Co-CEO, Fahim Saleh, revealed, as non-usage of GPS and long journey time, due to less usage of the Google Maps.


“It is not easy, criticizing your own company, but, either, I could ignore these issues and move along happily, like everything was fine, or, I could realize that this kind of thing is happening, to our customers, thousands of times over. I am not okay with that” he stressed.


Featured Image: entrepreneueur