Having relevant low budget online marketing strategies as part of your business plan is a great step to achieving business growth and increasing business revenue. 

The aim of every business is to make a profit. To achieve this, every possible tool in the kit box has to be employed as failure to do so would lead to losses and if care is not taken, might lead to the closure of the business. Also, running a business is quite competitive as there are others competing with you for clients and customers.

However, there are strategies that can be adopted to help you compete favorably in your area of business and even dominate. check them out.

25 Low Budget Online Marketing Strategies For Small Business

Have A Website

The beginning of any online activity that anyone or any organization wants to do has to start by the creation of a website. This gives you the basic internet presence that you need upon which any other action can stand.

Create A Strong Profile

The next thing that you should do is to create a strong online profile either for yourself or for your business. You have to keep updating and working on this profile from time to time as you gain more qualifications, increase in brands and more achievements. Ensure that you are present on social media.

Put Your Best Foot Forward Online

Every business has areas where it knows it can compete favorably with the best. It could also be your unique twist or touch or basically what distinguishes you from the rest. Now, put that strong foot forward online and on your social media platforms.

Adopt SEOs (Search Engine Optimization)

As can be deduced from the name, SEO is a tool adopted to boost online search visibility once your URL is typed in. This is important because your ranking and visibility online will usually determine patronage or demand for your services.

Use Keywords

Keywords in this regard are words likely used by people seeking for information on the product or service that you offer. Researching and finding the relevant keywords to be used improves your market visibility and possible patronage.

Run A Blog

Lots of people visit the various blog sites that there are and so, there is a big chance that if you run a blog full of informative content on your area of service provision, lots of people will visit. Hopefully, these visits usually turn to patronage.

Join Or Open A Group On Facebook

Create a community of like-minded people on Facebook where concepts, experiences and ideas can be shared. Again, do not do this to market yourself rather, ensure that your group has quality content and in doing so, you will indirectly be marketing yourself.

Be Active On Other Forums

This does not mean that you should abandon your own Facebook group or your other social media handles. The point here is that you have to participate in other forums on social media where you make meaningful contributions and grow your reputation as an innovative person.

Start Email Marketing

Though it is often overlooked by many small businesses, building an email list is one little way of boosting your online presence and in so doing, market yourself or your organization. Many organizations have found out that email marketing helps to facilitate the success of a company.

Open An eBay Store

Opening an eBay store is a smart move for anyone that is into buying and selling. While many might think that the online store is just for selling thrift, those who are aware and are fast movers know that eBay is more than a thrift store as it makes great sales every day.

Be On Amazon

Amazon is an e-commerce giant with yearly revenue from its sales that run in the hundreds of billions of dollars. For this purpose, Amazon is another site that you should be on; the Amazon fulfillment to be precise.

Conduct Webinars

Webinars are simply lectures or the teaching section that are done online. They are increasingly getting popular now as people no longer have to travel miles to come to a designated venue to learn. When you conduct webinars, it creates a perspective about you and about what you have to offer. This will make people want to have dealings with you and obviously patronize you.

Join Local Business Group Forums Online

It is important that you do this so that you will be informed about the various occurrences in your area of business. Again, they would usually have certain tips that you on your own would never find out about unless you join up with them. They also do internetwork within themselves to help each other out with various challenges.

Other valuable strategies and tips to note include:

Know Your Niche Audience

This has to do with the people who want what you are selling; make them your primary focus.

Treat Your Existing Customers Well

Most of the times, these are the ones that keep coming back or even referring people to you.

Know What Works For You?

It does happen that despite the various tactics that you may apply in boosting your business, not all will work for you. What you now do is to know what works for you and focus on the ones that do work.

Pursue One Goal At a Time

While the internet may give us many options that we could try, it still remains a good strategy to stay focused and pursue targets one goal at a time.

Ads Are Also Great

While organic traffic is a better option, it also takes quite the time to build. Therefore, in the short term, you can use paid ads to boost your traffic generation.

Apply CRM System

This stands for customer relationship management and this strategy should be applied in email marketing. It is a form of targeted marketing done with emails. Its personalized nature is its basic strength.

Leverage On Media Content

Well, a picture will always be worth a thousand words and a video will be worth ten times more. Use picture and video content to boost your appeal to the public.

Engage A Freelancer

It might be quite stressful trying to run a business and still having to do a lot of online marketing. To ease off the pressure, engage a freelancer to help you out.

Encourage Feedbacks

When your customers are satisfied with your services, encourage them to give feedbacks on your online platforms as this encourages others to want to patronize you.

Render Customer Service On Social Media

It is important that you reply and give attention to people that reach out to you on social media, answer their questions and offer directions where you can. It is a form of customer service which would be appreciated by them.

You Can Engage An Influencer

Now, this doesn’t have to be a celebrity (you are a small business owner, you can’t afford it). This just has to be someone who has good social media following and who being associated with your business will boost interest in your business.  

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Aside from all the other things that have been mentioned already, it is important that you also keep experimenting and trying out different strategies. Do not overdo it though, and be well informed on any strategy that you want to adopt before adopting them.


Running a business is not an easy task and worse still is running an unprofitable business. There are various strategies that can be of help to one who wants to boost his business online and it is hopeful that this write up has helped to broaden your horizon on this issue.


By Gracefield Maxcot

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