Before Financial Technology, (Fintech), became, as it is widely known today, the traditional method of banking, has been the only mode of sending and receiving money.


You go to the bank and join the long queue to pay in, or, receive an amount of money.


The banking system was slow at that time, due to a lot of red tapes and this ends up in disrupting the plans of those that patronise the banks.


That was the problem with banking, then, but technology has now simplified the process.


The advent of the internet and technology has enabled Fintech innovations to blossom.


One of such Fintech innovations is M-naira.


M-naira is a value sharing and money transfer services platform that interconnects all Nigerian bank accounts, mobile wallets and billing systems, to deliver instant remittance services to Nigeria, from anywhere in the world.


Whether you are supporting your family, or, carrying on business in Nigeria, the M-naira app makes it easy and safe, to send, receive, pay and save cash, instantly, from your phone, at a quarter of the cost of your bank charges, or, high street money transfer providers.


The M-naira app was created by BeepTool, (an indigenous tech Startup, based in Lagos), in order to ensure a faster and secure way of sending money directly, to the bank accounts and mobile wallets of family and friends, as well as, pay bills directly.


For example, you can be in Europe and pay for your children’s school fees and allowances, granny’s allowance and your house building expenses, directly, via the M-naira app.


With M-naira app, you by-pass traditional banks red tapes and it leads to fast execution of your plans.


M-naira app, affords you the opportunity to access real-time money transfers from debit, or, credit cards, to bank accounts, or, mobile-money wallets in Nigeria.


“The M-naira mobile app is fast, safe and affordable. It works hand-in-hand with service providers, to fast track and enables payment for services, such as health care, utilities, school tuition, etc”, stated Mayowa Ihinmikaiye, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, BeepTool.

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